Zommari Rureaux


Zommari Released

Series Bleach
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 1.96 m
Weight 100 kg
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Zommari Ruraeux is an antagonist from the anime/manga series Bleach. He is also known as the Séptima Espada (Seventh Sword).


Not much is known about his backstory. We only know he's a powerful Arrancar who sided with Aizen and became the seventh strongest in his personal army. He fought and died against Byakuya Kuchiki on Hueco Mundo. 

Powers & Abilities

  • Sonido: Like all Arrancar, Zommari possesses this lightining-fast movement technique. His version of the technique is easily the fastest one out of all of the Espada's.
  • Gemelos Sonido: Zommari can summon up to five copies of himself with his Sonido technique.


  • Brujería: His Soul Slayer. It works just like any other katana.

Alternate Forms


When Zommari releases his Soul Slayer, he enters this new form, where he gains two new abilities.

  • Amor: It consists on pessessing a part of someone else's body with his eyes and controlling it at his will. He has enough eyes to control 50 parts at the same time. If he possesses someone's head, he gains full control of their body. It ignores any previous injuries that the host may have, but it can't work if the host's nerves are cut.
  • El Embrión: A defensive technique that protects Zommari's upper body with a sphere.





  • Withstood Byakuya's Bankai by using El Embrión.


  • He was able to possess Rukia Kuchiki's body and made her fight against Byakuya.