Megaman zero
Series Mega Man (series)
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Zero is the main protagonist of the Mega Man Zero series. He is a legendary die-hard freedom fighter.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Z-Saber TechniquesEdit

  • Z-Saber Combo:
  • Kougenjin (Mirage Blade):
  • Reppugeki (Gale Attack):
  • Tenshouzan (Heaven Rising Slash):
  • Sengatotsu (Spinning Fang Thrust):
  • Rakusaiga (Falling Smash Fang):
  • Rakuretsuzan (Falling Fury Slash):
  • Zaneidan (Slashing Sharp Bullet):

Buster Shot TechniquesEdit

  • Laser Shot:
  • Reflect Laser:
  • Time Stopper:
  • Blast Shot/Burst Shot:
  • Burning Shot:
  • Spark Shot:
  • V-Shot:
  • Tractor Shot:
  • Triple Shot:
  • Blizzard Arrow:
  • Ice Javelin:

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Energy Chain:
  • Filter Shield:
  • Shield Sweep:
  • Orbit Shield:
  • 1000 Slash:
  • Soul Launcher:


  • Z-Saber:
    • Shield Boomerang:
    • Triple Rod:
    • Chain Rod:
    • Recoil Rod:
  • Buster Shot:
  • Zero Knuckle:
  • Elemental Chips:

Alternate FormsEdit

  • Energy Form:
  • X Form:
  • Defense Form:
  • Erase Form:
  • Active Form:
  • Power Form:
  • Rise Form:
  • Ultimate Form:



  • Destroyed a moon-sized space station while fighting Dr. Weil




  • Defeated Copy X, a weaker clone of X.
  • Defeated Dr. Weil, while sacrificing himself in the process
  • Defeated Omega
  • Twice, he fought nonstop for a whole year


Fun FactsEdit

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