Zelda of gamelon
Series The Legend of Zelda
Age Late teens
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good

Zelda is the deuteragonist of the Link: The Faces of Evil, an the protagonist of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure.

Background Edit

Not much is known about this Zelda, however it is known that Zelda lives with her father: The King and fights off monsters created by Ganon alongside Link.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic
    • Calm: Fires a spread of three small whirlwinds in the direction that Zelda is facing, which spread out as they travel; is most effective against enemies of the air element.
    • Feather: Fires a spread of feathers, which spread out as they travel.
    • Firestorm: Shoots flames around Zelda in the four cardinal directions.
    • Noise: Fires a sound wave projectile. It is very effective against creatures that are sensitive to sound
    • Pyros: Creates a wall of several flames that appear before Zelda.
    • Broadsword: Shoots a flying sword at foes.
    • Dagger: Shoots a flying dagger at foes.
    • Gold Necklace: Fires a spread of gold sparkles, which spread out as they travel.
    • Jade Amulet: Fires a spread of green sparkles, which spread out as they travel.
    • Jade Ring: Fires a large, green triangular bolt of magic that damages enemies


  • Boomerang
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Hammer: A regular mallet that Zelda can throw with ease.
  • Joust: A jousting Lance.
  • Roar Stick: A spinning club thatZelda can throw.
  • Short Axe: A hand axe that Zelda can throw
  • Turquoise Ring: Fires a spread of blue sparkles, which spread out as they travel.
  • Wand: Most of Zelda's magic is performed from this wand.
  • Bomb: A regular bomb.
  • Fairy Lantern: A lantern that lets Zelda see in dark places and lets her see invisible objects, the lantern can also penetrate the dark magic of Ganon and other Darkness Users.
  • Flute: Can stop flying enemies for eight seconds per use.
  • Cape: Lets Zelda jump higher and at longer distances, and lets Zelda become invisible and intangible to damage.
  • Power Glove: Doubles Zelda's physical strength and can destroy some enemies and boulders.
  • Wand of Gamelon: The wand appears to hold sacred power able to defeat and imprison evil. When used the victim gets wrapped in chains and then gets trapped in a book tha look identical to the Book of Korodai.
  • Water of Life: A canteen of Water that brings Zelda's health to the highest it could be. But it is limited and can only be refilled in canteens.
  • Harp: Warps Zelda back to the entrance of a location that she had entered.
  • Knife: A regular knife.
  • Shield: Blocks both physical and projectile attacks



  • Can destroy giant boulders with her fists via the Power Glove.


  • Has casually outsped pterodactyls.


  • Endured hits from Ganon, who can kill men just by looking at them.


  • Saved Link from Ganon twice.


  • Not much combat experience.
  • Not likable... at all

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