Yellow Diamond
Yellow Diamond
Series Steven Universe (series)
Age Immemorial
Sex Non-binary; Identifies as female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
I don't care about potential and resources. I want my cluster, and I want that planet to die.
~ Yellow Diamond
Yellow Diamond is a member of the Great Diamond Authority, and one of the main antagonists of the animated series Steven Universe.


Not much is known about Yellow Diamond's origins at this time. What is known however is that she is a member of the Gem homeworld's Diamond Authority. The Diamonds intended to use Earth for colonization after the homeworld's resources began dwindling, but a single Rose Quartz gem stood against them after falling in love with Earth, forming the Crystal Gems, and even shattering a member of the council, Pink Diamond. This sparked a hatred toward not only Rose Quartzes but the entire Earth as well. Even though they lost the war, she saw to it that there would be a Cluster formed in the center of the Earth that would destroy it upon emerging (which was later bubbled by Steven).

Powers & Abilities

  • Gem Physiology: Being a Gem, Yellow Diamond likely possesses superhuman physique, and on top of that is practically immortal, unable to age and does not require things like nourishment or rest due to essentially being a rock. Being a diamond however, it's implied that this makes her much more durable than the average Gem, on account of diamonds being one of the hardest materials known to man.
  • Electricity Generation: Yellow Diamond can channel electricity and use this for her attacks, such as shooting lightning bolts from her fingertips.









  • Implied to be much more durable than the average Gem due to being a diamond.




  • Shattering: Despite being tougher than the average Gem, it is still possible for a Diamond to be shattered, as it was possible for Rose Quartz and Bismuth was developing a weapon specifically for that purpose. Even then her body can likely still be destroyed after enough damage, which will force her to reform, leaving her gemstone vulnerable.
  • Abrasiveness: The only people Yellow has shown any amount of care for are her fellow Diamonds. To anyone else, she's quick to anger if things don't go her way.

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