Xenoblade Chronicles is a series of Japanese Role-Playing Games developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. It is meant to be a spiritual successor to Monolith's Xenogears and Xenosaga series.

Series Dictionary

  • Aegis: An Aegis is a legendary Blade created by the Architect himself. There are three Aegis Blades currently known, and they are catagorized by their emerald green Core Crystals, the ability to command Artifices, and the incredible power they possess.
  • Artifice: Giant mecha created by the Architect for the Aegises to control.
  • Blade: Humanoid beings born when a strong-willed person resonates with a Core Crystal. Each Blade has a special weapon they can summon from their Core Crystal, and a certain elemental power that they can channel through their weapons and their Driver. While Blades have incredible healing abilities that leave them functionally immortal, if their Driver is killed, they will lose their memories and revert to a Core Crystal, waiting to be reawoken by their next Driver. Each Blade has the power to project an energy shield to defend their Driver.
  • Blade Eater: A human who's had part of a Blade's Core Crystal inserted into their body to save their life.
  • Core Crystal: Special crystals born from the bodies of Titans. When a person with a strong will touches a Core Crystal, they will awaken the Blade sleeping within it. The Blade's Core Crystal is located somewhere on their body, and if it is destroyed, the Blade connected to it dies.
  • Driver: Someone who resonated with a Core Crystal and woke up the Blade inside it, becoming linked to it. A Driver can utilize the weapon and power of the Blade they are linked to, and their power gets stronger or weaker depending on how far away they are from their Blade. Drivers can have more than one Blade at a time.
  • Flesh Eater: A Blade who been fused with human cells. Becoming a Flesh Eater means the Blade no longers reverts to a Core Crystal when their Driver dies and they can now become a Driver themselves, but the process of creating one is rarely successful.


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