Series Pokémon
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Height 1.2 m | 3'11"
Weight 38.5 kg | 84.9 lbs
Alignment True Neutral
When endangered, grubs from its six-cell honeycomb strike back. There is only one in a colony.
~ Vespiquen's Pokedex entry from Pokemon Pearl
Vespiquen is a Bug and Flying-type Pokémon introduced in the fourth generation of Pokémon games. It evolves from a female Combee at the level of 21.

Powers & Abilities


  • Pressure: An ability that makes the owner's enemies' PP drawn twice as fast.
  • Unnerve: Vespiquen's hidden ability. Makes Pokémon unable eat their held berries.


  • Fell Stinger: A very weak physical bug-type attack that raises the user's physical attack, if a Pokémon is fainted by this move.
  • Destiny Bond: A move that faints the Pokémon who fainted the user.
  • Sweet Scent: A move that lowers the evasion of any close by enemy.
  • Gust: A weak special flying-type attack.
  • Poison Sting: A very weak physical poison-type attack that can poison the target.
  • Confuse Ray: Confuses the target.
  • Fury Cutter: A weak physical bug-type attack that gets progressively stronger, the more it is continuously used.
  • Pursuit: A weak physical dark-type attack that doubles in damage if the target is switching out.
  • Fury Swipes: A weak physical normal-type attack that hit the target bet 2-5 times.
  • Defend Order: A move which raises Vespiquen's defenses.
  • Slash: A physical normal-type attack with a higher chance of making a critical hit.
  • Power Gem: A special rock-type attack.
  • Heal Order: A move which heals Vespiquen by 50% of her maximum HP.
  • Toxic: A move that badly poisons the target.
  • Air Slash: A special flying-type attack with a chance to flinch the target.
  • Captivate: A move which lower the special attack of a Pokémon with the opposite gender.
  • Attack Order: A physical bug-type attack with a higher chance of making a critical hit.
  • Swagger: A move that confuses and raises the physical attack of the target.
  • Bug Bite: A physical bug-type attack. If the target is holding a berry while being hit by this attack, so will the attack eat said berry.
  • Bug Buzz: A special bug-type attack with a small chance to lower the target's special defense.

Typing Advantages

  • Resistances: Thanks to Vespiquen's bug and flying-typing, so does it take half the damage from bug-type attack, as well as taking a fourth of damage from fighting and grass-type attacks.
  • Immunities: Like all flying-types, so is Vespiquen immune to ground-type attacks.


  • Poison Barb: An item some Vespiquen from Unova can bare. When a Pokémon holds this items, so does its poison-type attacks get strengthened.


  • Weaknesses: Vespiquen takes double the damage from flying, ice, fire and electric-type attacks, and four times the damage from rock-type attacks.
  • Speed: Vespiquen is rather on the slow side when it comes to Pokémon.

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