Uzume Sumeragi
Uzume Sumeragi
Series Deadman Wonderland
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil

Uzume Sumeragi is a minor antagonist and a part of the KO Unit.

Background Edit

Not much is know of her past. What we know is that she was a prisoner of Deadman Wonderland who was chosen to be a Ninben. Ninben are artificial Deadmen created to defeat the Wretched Egg. Ninben are create with a poison mixed into their branch of sin which will destroy a deadman's body within seconds if it enters their bloodstream.

Uzume is an Elite Ninben, which means that she has been able to evolve her toxic branch of sin to be able to create a personalized power from her branch of sin. All the Elite Ninben were collected in the KO Unit, who was assigned to protect the control switch. The control switch is for the masks (or chips for Elite Ninben) that the Ninben wear which stimulate their brain to make them more obedient.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Nanairo Chocho: Uzume has a branch of sin which allow her control her blood outside of her body together with a personal power. Unlike most branches of sin, so does her branch of sin give her multiple powers.
  • Plume Brume: The ability to create butterfly wings out of her blood that allow her to fly.
  • Rouge Mirage: Her main ability. She creates an umbrella out of her blood, which then disperse into multiple butterflies that exceeds hallucinogen poison. Her poison can create illusion to make her opponents kill each other.
  • Blue Painful: She creates butterflies out of her blood which then disintegrate into vortexes that she can use as projectiles.
  • Noir Pleuvo: An unknown ability she tried to use but was defeated before she could. Though it seems like it shots as stream of blood butterflies at the opponent.

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

  • Her Blue Painful could cut through metal.

Durability Edit

Speed Edit

Skills Edit

Weaknesses Edit

  • She has a chip on the side of her neck which stimulates her brain so to make her more obedient. She most likely has an addiction to this stimuli, so she would display an erratic behavior if she would lose the contact with the chip.
  • She is a prisoner of Deadman Wonderland, which means she has a collar around her neck that pumps lethal poison into her body and she needs to take an antidote every three days.
  • Her illusions can easily break if the subject doesn't have any emotion attachment to what it display.
  • Her illusion can be broken by outside interferences, like a kick to the balls.

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