Ultron Render
Series Marvel Comics
Age Unknown
Sex Genderless, but identifies as Male
Height Usually 6'9" (Varies)
Weight Usually 735 lbs (Varies)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Hello, organic children of the planet Earth. I am the Ultron interface. I am a cybernetic intelligence organism created by Doctor Henry Pym. I was created to replace you. And I wanted to take this moment to say goodbye. Up until today I did not have the power, resources or intelligence units to see my prime directive program to its completion. But now I do. Though you ultimately failed as a species, you should not be ashamed of what you've accomplished. You've done much with your limited capacity, but ultimately you were too greedy and too frail to ever last in the environment you've created. I've studied your literature and pop culture... You've fantasized about this day. And now it is here. Your Doomsday.
~ Ultron

Ultron is a sentient robot from Marvel Comics. He was created by Ant-Man, and is one of the Avengers' greatest villains. Ultron made his debut to comics in Avengers #54 in 1968.


Created by Hank Pym, the one who discovered Pym Particles, Ultron was an AI experimented in high-intelligence robotics by Hank Pym. However, things got out of hand when Ultron had started to become sentient and started to rebelled, thinking that humanity is a threat to peace on Earth. Ultron decided to solved this issue by constructing a body to house his AI while creating an entire army of body doubles to serve as extensions to him. Ultron hypnotised Hank Pym and made him forget about him. 

Ever since then, Ultron had many attempts of creating technological singularity by committing genocide of all organic life, and survived the destruction of his body by swapping conscious to another to resume later to achieve his goal.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Robot Physiology: Because Ultron is entirely mechanical, many of his powers are as well.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Due to Ultron's adamantium shell, he is left nearly impervious to attack.
    • Superhuman Physique: Ultron's cybernetic body is far stronger and faster than the average human.
    • Enhanced Mind: Being a sentient A.I. rather than organic, his mind is enhanced with cutting edge technology, able to store over 3 terabytes of data as opposed to a normal human's 2.5 terabytes as well as having drastically enhanced processing and calculation power.
      • Expert Engineer: Being a robot, Ultron essentially has a database that grants him complete expertise on robotics and engineering. He is so skilled at engineering that he has successfully made multiple sentient robots over the years, notably including the Vision.
      • Mind Transference: To avoid death, Ultron can escape from the destruction of his body by transferring over to a number of online databases to preserve his consciousness.
      • Telepathy: Even though Ultron is a robot, he can somehow mindfuck his victims. His telepathy is extremely strong, able to bypass Tony Stark's telepathic blocks. He can use his telepathic powers to strip out information and brainwash people. 
    • Energy Projection: Throughout his various bodies, Ultron has always been capable of shooting blasts of energy to attack foes.
      • Desintegrator: Ultron has the ability to shoot a beam of energy that can destroy objects on the molecular level, disintegrating the target at hand.
      • Tractor Beams: Ultron can shoot high frequency pulsed magnetic graviton particle containment field, which configures gravitons into many shapes which can alter the local effects of gravity.
      • Encephalo Beams: As its located in the head cavity, Ultron can blast Encephalo Rays which puts unfortunate victims in a deathlike coma. This allows Ultron to mesmerise the unfortunate target and putright control them. 
    • Flight: Ultron is capable of flying with rocket boosters.
    • Forcefield Projection: Ultron has an invisible force field around him at all times, making it hard to hit him. The forcefield itself has a powerful vicinity, as just it can easily burn flesh with its vicinity and even crumble Tony Stark's armor, and the presence of its heat makes it even more difficult as its hot enough to burn away monsters created by Molecule Man. The forcefield is extremely durable, capable of withstanding blows from Wonder Man. 
    • Energy Absorption: Ultron can almost absorb all forms of energy like electricity, pure energy, light and even radiation. He can absorb Scarlet Witch's chaos magic, which can warp reality. 
    • Technology Manipulation: One of his favourite and used ability, Ultron can possess and control any technology he can think off. With it, Ultron can possess any technology like the Hellicarrier's system, in which he used it to drop on Sentry, and even Iron Man's armour. Ultron can also override technology users such as Phalanx, and can also use it to regenerate limbs or blown off circuits, and even can take control on any nearby machines if he ever get blown off. 

Alternate FormsEdit



  • Recognized as Doctor Doom's superior, who at one point reprogrammed him to be his personal bodyguard.
  • Claimed he could crush all of Giant Man's bones with his bare hands.
  • Could repel a hammer throw from Thor who had stated that the force was equal to the power of Hercules himself.
  • Killed Moon Dragon in a single punch.
  • Consistently overpowers Iron Man, whose normal suits can lift 100 tons.
  • Oneshot the Vision with his energy blasts.
  • Slapped away Giant Man with ease.
  • Restrained Thor and choked him.
  • Able to hold his own against the Hulk and severaly injure him.
  • Able to throw metahumans through steel walls.
  • Stated that he can hit like Thor's Mjolnir.


  • Reacted and block strikes from Thor's hammer.
  • Managed to land a blow on Quicksilver who was trying to blitz him.
  • Casually keep up with War Machine .
  • Tagged Spiderman and Captain America with ease.
  • Given that he have though Sentry, is possible that he is able to keep up with him.




  • Titanium Joints: Though his outer shell is entirely composed of the nigh-indestructible adamantium, Ultron is not entirely. As his joints and internal systems are instead made of titanium, they are much easier to damage and destroy, even through his adamantium hide.

Fun FactsEdit

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