Tornado of Terror
Tatsumaki OPM
Series One Punch Man
Age 28
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Know your place, B-Class!
~ Tatsumaki
Tatsumaki is a character from One Punch Man, a webcomic series created by ONE. Her superhero name is Tornado of Terror.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis: Tatsumaki's main superpower is her psychokinetic ability to control objects with her mind. She is considered the most powerful esper in the series, with the strength to lift hundreds of boulders into the air, stop a bombardment from an alien spaceship, and even pull meteors down from space to crush her foes.
    • Barrier Creation: Tatsumaki can use her telekinesis to create psychic barriers as defense. These barriers are incredibly tough, letting her block attacks from several Dragon-level threats at once.
    • Flight: By using telekinesis on herself, Tatsumaki can defy gravity and fly at high speeds.
    • Chi Manipulation: By using telekinesis to control a person's life energy, Tatsumaki can immobilize them or cause them great discomfort. However, this isn't very effective on strong-willed people, or people who have broken their natural limiter.
    • Psychic Whirlwind: By swirling psychic energy in a circle around her, Tatsumaki can easily reflect telekinetic attacks back at the user.
    • Psychic Binding: Uses her own psychic powers to suppress the power of another esper.



  • Casually pinned Genos to a wall.
  • Pulled a meteor out of the atmosphere to kill the Ancient King
  • Lifted part of A-City.
  • Stopped Boros' attack on a city.
  • Lifted hundreds of boulders into the air.


  • Reacted to the Dark Matters Thieves' bullet.
  • Repelled Speed of Sound Sonic's shurikens.


  • Survived a beating from the Monster Association.


  • Became an S-Class Hero.
  • Is the strongest esper on the planet.
  • Killed a monster by pulling a meteor out of the Earth's orbit.
  • Easily defeated Black Sperm.


  • Very arrogant.
  • A serious head injury can impede her powers.
  • Strong-willed opponents can resist her life force manipulation.
  • Her powers do not work on ghosts and she is afraid of them.
  • Obsessed with candy apples.

Fun FactsEdit

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