Toriel it s still best
Series Undertale
Age N/A
Sex Female
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Alignment Neutral Good
I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins.
~ Toriel

Toriel (Formerly Toriel Dreemurr) is a boss in the indie role-playing game Undertale, developed and published by Toby Fox.


Toriel is the former queen of the Underground, a land under the earth where monsters were sealed in after a war with the humans for the surface. One day, a human named Chara fell into the Underground, so Toriel and her husband Asgore adopted them as a sibling for their son Asriel. Unfortunately, Chara died after eating buttercups, and Asriel died as well after absorbing their soul and attempting to return their body to the surface, where he was attacked and beaten brutally by humans. This drove Asgore into a rage. He said that any human who fell into the Underground would be killed, their souls taken in hopes that he could get seven of them, break the barrier between the surface and the Underground with their power, and invade the surface to get revenge on the humans. As a result, she divorced him, abdicated her throne, and retreated to the Ruins where she attempted to protect any human who came to the underground, which had failed as every single one of them got killed after leaving the Ruins.

Powers & Abilities

  • Fire Magic: Toriel and Asgore's main method of ranged attacks is the ability to control and summon fire at will. With this magic, Toriel can call waves of fire, expanding rings of fireballs, rains of fireballs, and spiraling pillars of flames.



  • Physically on par with Asgore.
  • Effortlessly knocked Asgore away with a fire ball.


  • Can keep up with Frisk


  • Physically on par with Asgore.


  • Is intelligent enough to become a teacher.


  • Normally Pacifistic.

Fun Facts

  • Her name is short for Tutorial, as she is the first Boss Monster you meet and fight against.

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