Tokiko Tsumura
Buso Renkin - Tokiko Tsumura charging
Series Buso Renkin
Age 17
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Unknown
I'm here so that day will never be repeated again, so that I can kill every last Homunculus!!
~ Tokiko Tsumura

Tokiko Tsumura is the deuteragonist of the manga Buso Renkin created by Nobuhiro Watsuki.

Background Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Kakugane XLIV: A Kakugane is a device that Alchemists use to summon their Buso Renkin. The Kakugane also grants Tokiko a regenerative healing factor, slowing healing her wounds while she fights.
  • Valkyrie Skirt: Tokiko's Buso Renkin, a weapon made from her Kakugane resonating with her fighting spirit. Valkyrie Skirt takes the form of four scythe blades attached to Tokiko's thighs with mechanical arms. The blades move at Tokiko's command, and they are useful for precise and fast cutting. Valkyrie Skirt can be used for attacking, defending, moving across walls and ceilings like a spider, boosting Tokiko's jumps, and cushioning her falls.
    • Standby Mode: When Tokiko isn't using Valkyrie Skirt at the moment, but needs to pull it out quickly, she can shrink and fold up the blades to make it less conspicuous and easier to move around with.

Feats Edit


  • Sliced a water tower in half with Valkyrie Skirt.
  • Can easily tear Homunculi to pieces with her Buso Renkin.
  • Matched a blow from Kazuki's lance.
  • Smashed a wooden door to pieces with one strike.


  • Deflected a barrage of arrows with Valkyrie Skirt.


  • Kept fighting while a Homunculus embryo was embedded in her side.
  • Can take stab wounds and slashes and keep on fighting.
  • Survived being smashed into a metal railing hard enough to dent it.


  • Has defeated and killed many Homunculi.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Valkyrie Skirt is ill-equipped to fight foes who are much stronger than Tokiko.
  • Her Buso Renkin can be broken with enough force.

Fun Facts Edit

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