The Spy
Classic spy
Series Team Fortress
Age N/A, but should be older than his TF2 counterpart
Sex Male
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Alignment True Neutral

The Classic Spy was the most stealthy and strategic member of his team. He specializes in taking down high-priority targets and leaving the area quickly.


When Zepheniah Mann passed away, his two sons, Redmond and Blutarch Mann began fighting over the land they persuaded him to buy - the absolutely empty and deserted Badlands. Both brothers hired groups of mercenaries, the first one consisting of such guns for hire as Abraham Lincoln, the future president of the United States. The brothers, however, weren't done. When they were at the last years of their life, they had a professional engineer, Radigan Conagher, to build them a Life-Extender Machine. The Machine successfully extended the user's lives and the war went on. Soon, in 1930, the brothers had to hire a second team of mercs, this time consisting of the Classic ScoutSoldierPyroDemoman, HeavyEngineerMedicSniper and Spy.

The Classic Spy was the stealth force of the team and one of the mercs hired to take down the Administrator's forces. During the mission to kill the RED Team (AKA Team Fortress), he is killed by the Soldier.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Class Abilities: 
    • Uncovers an enemy Spy by touching them.
    • Can fake his own death.
  • Class Skill: Can disguise himself as an enemy using a disguise kit. Used for espionage and to take down important targets without being detected. The disguise is lost after attacking.


  • Hand Grenades
  • Hallucination Grenades
    • After detonating, release a gas that deals little damage and makes the opponent hear and see non-existant gunshots and explosions for 15 seconds after leaving the gas. They also have a large knockback.
  • Knife
    • Used for backstabs.
  • Tranquilizer Gun
    • Fires darts that slow the enemy down by half.
    • Has a single dart loaded and 40 in reserve.
    • For some reason, shares ammo with the double-barrel shotgun.
  • Double-barreled shotgun
    • Fires fourteen pellets per shot and stores 16 bullets.
    • Spy carries additional 40 rounds.
    • For some reason, shares ammo with the Tranquilizer Gun.
  • Nailgun
    • Fires nails with perfect accuracy.
    • Useful against slow or stationary targets.
    • Has 100 nails in the clip before the ammo runs out.



  • Experienced mercenary.
  • Master of stealth and espionage.
  • Some strategic skill.


  • Disguises can be blown by fire and liquids thrown at him.
  • Not a direct fighter; his weaponry is suited for stealth and espionage and occasional escapes.

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