Speaker vividred ope 48728


Series Vividred Operation
Age Unknown
Sex Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil

A creator that commands Rei Kuroki and represents the Alones. This creator take the appearance of a crow and is the ultimate antagonist of Vividred Operation.

Background Edit

Alones are higher beings that see themselves as rulers of time and space, which this creator is a speaker of. The Alones pass their time by giving the populations of different universes impossible tests and destroying them once they fail.

Their power was thought to be unrivaled, though in a lone little universe, the Incarnate Engine was created. The Incarnate Engine is a reactor that works through an unexplained processes. It is used as a power source, and magnitude of power is of the height that when it first started up, the destruction of a parallel universe resulted in it.

To combat this threat, the Speaker gave the sole survivor of the universe destroyed by the Incarnate Engine arrows that strengthen Alones when they come in contact with it, and sent her into the universe with the Incarnate Engine, on the promise that she will have her world restored when she succeed.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Body Extortion: The Speaker can extort, resize and lengthen its body parts.
  • Shock-wave: By flapping its wings, it can create shock-waves.

Alternate Forms Edit

Arrow Infused Form Edit

When Rei fail her mission to destroy the Incarnate Engine, the Speaker decided to take matters into its hand and took the three remaining arrows from Rei to strengthen itself.

  • Wings: A set of eight wings it can use as a shield
  • Lasers: It can produce purple-colored lasers from the air around its wings. These lasers can vary in power and doesn't have an apparent limit on the amount of lasers fire at one point in time.
  • Flight: It seems to have the ability to levitate its body without using the wings.
  • Regeneration
  • Strengthened Laser: After absorbing enough power from an outside source, it can produce a laser magnitudes stronger than the once it would normally produce.

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

  • Its shock-wave could send all the main girls flying. (Episode 11)
  • (Transformation) It destroyed jet fighters without much difficulty. (Episode 12)
  • (Transformation) Its strengthened laser was said to be able to destroy a universe. (Episode 12)

Defense Edit

  • (Transformation) Was completely unfazed by a barrage of missiles. (Episode 12)
  • (Transformation) Survived an explosion that could be seen from orbit with only its skin scratched, which healed shortly after. (Episode 12)
  • Could take attacks from Vividyellow, Vividgreen and Vividblue. (Episode 12)

Weaknesses Edit

  • It can only create its strengthened laser when it has consumed a high amount of energy.

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