I hope the rest of you rejects don't die that easy. 'Cause we got some questions that need answers. So...who wants to go first?
~ Heavy
The Heavy
Classic heavy
Series Team Fortress
Age N/A, but should be older than his TF2 counterpart
Sex Male
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Alignment Neutral Evil

The Classic Heavy is the specialist in heavy weaponry of his team. As seen in the TF2 Comics, he is also its leader.


When Zepheniah Mann passed away, his two sons, Redmond and Blutarch Mann began fighting over the land they persuaded him to buy - the absolutely empty and deserted Badlands. Both brothers hired groups of mercenaries, the first one consisting of such guns for hire as Abraham Lincoln, the future president of the United States. The brothers, however, weren't done. When they were at the last years of their life, they had a professional engineer, Radigan Conagher, to build them a Life-Extender Machine. The Machine successfully extended the user's lives and the war went on. Soon, in 1930, the brothers had to hire a second team of mercs, this time consisting of the Classic ScoutSoldierPyroDemoman, HeavyEngineerMedicSniper and Spy.

The Heavy was the unofficial leader of the team. After years and years of fighting, the third RED and BLU teams were hired. When Gray Mann decided to take over Mann Co., however, he decided to hire the Classic mercs to take them out.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Class Abilities: Can't be pushed by explosives.

Equipment Edit

  • Life Extender Machine
    • After killing Gray Mann, Heavy took ownership of it.
    • When heavily injured, can smack it onto the wound and it will start pumping australium into his veins, upgrading his physical stats and being able to beat the third Heavy into a pulp.
  • Hand Grenades
  • MIRV Grenadess
    • Heavy carries two.
    • Are set on a timer.
    • After the timer runs out, it explodes into fifteen more, smaller bombs that explode after two seconds.
  • Crowbar
  • Single barreled shotgun
    • Fires six pellets per shot and stores 8 bullets.
    • Heavy carries additional 200 rounds.
  • Double-barreled shotgun
    • Fires fourteen pellets per shot and stores 16 bullets.
    • Heavy carries additional 200 rounds.
  • Assault Cannon
    • Stores 200 bullets.
    • Needs to be wound up before firing.


Strength Edit

  • Can carry around a minigun.

Speed Edit

  • The slowest of his team in terms of movement.

Durability Edit

  • Wears heavy armor, should be only surpassed in Durability by Soldier.
  • Brushed off having his face sliced and being stabbed with an Ubersaw.
  • Took a beating from the third Heavy and breaking a good portion of a concrete wall after being thrown by him.


  • Experienced mercenary.
  • A succesful leader of his team.
  • Alongside his team, took down three other mercenary teams: Echelon, Citadel and Vanguard.


  • The slowest member of his team.
  • Lacks the offensive skills/abilities of his teammates.
  • The Assault Cannon has only one clip, single bullets deal little damage and is useless in long-range combat.
  • If the Life Extender Machine is pulled out of his body once he's used it, he'll age rapidly into a fragile old man.

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