Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a mecha themed anime made by Gainax.

Series Dictionary

  • Gunmen: The main type of mecha used in Gurren Lagann. Originally created by humans to battle the Anti-Spirals, they eventually became the main weapons of the Beastmen after the Spiral King Lordgenome turned on humanity and forced them underground. However, after Kamina hijacked his own Gunmen, this inspired other humans to hijack Gunmen of their own.
  • Spiral Power: A form of energy contained within every being who's DNA has a double helix pattern. It is the power of evolution, driving any being who possesses it to constantly grow and adapt to acheive their goals. Spiral Power has several unique abilities, and has been stated to have infinite potential for growth, as long as people with it still wish to persevere.






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