Sven Vollfied
Sven Vollfie
Series Black Cat (series)
Age 30
Sex Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 72 kg
Alignment Lawful Good
Sven Vollfied is one of the main characters from the manga Black Cat. He is a close friend and co-worker with the series protagonist Train Heartnet.

Background Edit

Sven was a IBI (International bureau of investigation) agent, partnered with another IBI agent known as Lloyd Goldwynne with an power known as The Vision Eye: A power that allow the user to see a few seconds in to the future. Sven got surprise attacked by a gang of thugs and Lloyd got killed when he save him. Lloyd passed over his vision eye to Sven after his death and Sven became a sweeper shortly after.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • The Grasper Eye: The evolved form of The Vision Eye which allow him to slow down time for roughly 5 seconds.

Equipment Edit

  • Handgun
  • The Attaché Weapon Case: A weaponized briefcase that includes: A machine-gun, a web, an electrifying rope, a grenade launcher and a hydro cutter. He can also use it as a shield.
  • Grenades
  • Bullets: Sven has created some of his own specialized bullets:
    • Burst Bullets: Explosive bullets.
    • Frost Bullets: Bullets that freeze the target.
    • Crying Bullets: Makes the target cry uncontrollably

Feats Edit

Speed: Edit

  • Was able to grab Eve and escape from an explosion that was right next to them.
  • Was able to dodge the bullets from an machine gun semmingly without The Graspers Eye.

Durability: Edit

  • Survived getting impaled through the stomach. (chapter 8)
  • Could get up from getting shot in the shoulder by Heaven's Thunder (A mini cannon), which can leave dents on trees, after avoiding 62 shots. (chapter 127)
  • Took an explosion head on.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Soft spot for women: Sven is a "gentleman" so he vowed not to hurt women, which can become a problem if he faces someone with xx chromosomes.
  • The Grasper Eye is draining: The acceleration from the Grasper Eye takes a toll on his body which means he that he can't spam it too much.

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