Superboy (Jon Kent)
Superboy Jonathan Kent
Series DC Comics
Age 9
Sex Male
Height 4'6
Weight 84 lbs
Alignment Lawful Good
Jon Kent first appeared in the Multiversial crisis Convergence. Jon Kent is the son of the Post-Crisis Superman and the Post-Crisis Lois Lane. He shares a comic series with Robin (DC Comics) called Supersons.

Background Edit

Jon Kent was born in Gotham City in the Post Crisis Universe during the huge crisis known as Convergence. Jon Kent eventually learned he has powers and took up the mantle of Superboy. Jon Kent looks up to his Father greatly and hopes to be like him someday. Although he doesn't want to admit it he is friends with Batmans son Damian Wayne.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength: Although he's no where near as strong as his Father Jon Kent still possesses incredible power.
  • Solar Absorbing: Like all Kyptonians Jon gets his power from the sun.
  • Flight: Jon can fly but he is still learning.
  • Super Breath: Jons super breath can blow or freeze enemies away.
  • Super Speed: Jon is very fast.

Feats Edit


  • Accidentally hurt his Father with his heat vision.
  • One shot a giant dinosaur.
  • Helped his father defeat the Eradicator.
  • Batman admitted that Jon has the potential to be stronger than his Father.
  • Lifted a car over his head.
  • Defeated a giant squid in one punch.
  • Knocked Wonder Woman backwards with his heat vision.

Durability Edit

  • Knives shatter on contact with his skin.
  • Survived hits from the Eradicator.

Speed Edit

  • Outraced his Father
  • Caught up to a speeding train.
  • Escaped from Lex Luthor with new god technology.

Skill Edit

  • Can solve math problems in relatively fast for his age.
  • Outsmarted Robin on some occasions.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Kryptonite
  • Magic
  • Solar Dependence
  • Red Sun Radiation
  • Little fighting experience.
  • He is very inexperienced and has little control of his powers.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Jon is obsessed with Anime in Superson's issue 1 you can see a Goku and Naruto poster in his room.
    • Jon has a huge collection of Manga that you can see in his room.
  • He is named after his Great grandfather Jonathan Kent.

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