Scrooge McDuck
Series Disney
Age 150
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good

I don't know which was wilder in those days, the wolves, or me.
~ Scrooge McDuck

If the think they can get between Scrooge McDuck and his three cubic acres of cash, they've got another thing coming!
~ Scrooge McDuck

This should be a lesson! Life is filled with tough jobs, and there'll always be sharpies to cheat me!
~ Scrooge McDuck

Well, I'll be tougher then the toughies, and sharper then the sharpies--and I'll make my money square!
~ Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is a character created by Disney, originally appearing in Mickey's Christmas Carol. However, due to the character's popularity, he eventually branched out into his own media, including comic books and the well-known animated series, DuckTales.


Born in Glascow, Scotland in 1867, Scrooge was raised as a relatively ordinary duckling, until on his tenth birthday, his father took him to see the remains of the McDuck's old estate. As it turned out, the McDucks weren't always so poor, and seeing his family's former glory inspired Scrooge to make a name for himself. He started off small and worked as a shoeshine, where he made his first ever pay: A dime... An American dime, which was practically worthless in Scotland. Feeling understandably cheated, this only drove Scrooge to be "smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies". Scrooge not only worked hard, but he began travelling the globe in search of priceless artifacts, until he became the richest duck in the city of Duckberg.

Powers & Abilities

  • Physique: Even though Scrooge is 150 years old, he certainly hasn't slowed down with age. He's shown plenty of experience going to the ends of the Earth (and even beyond that) to reach his goals.
  • Intellect:


  • Cane: While Scrooge's cane may not look special, Scrooge is proficient at using this cane as a melee weapon. He can also use it to send objects flying his enemy's way, and even use it as some sort of pogo stick that allows him to cross treacherous terrain.
  • Anti-Inertia Gun:
  • Slippery Gun:
  • Omnisolve:
  • Cannons: Scrooge's manor is decked with multiple hidden cannons to defend against intruders.



  • When some gold diggers were insulting his dead mother, Scrooge broke his shackles/chains out of pure rage, beat all of the gold diggers that were taunting him, broke two iron smokestacks with his own hands, and threw a grand concert piano out of the window. The two smokestacks later hit a boiler which caused a fire that then destroyed the whole cruise ship they were on.
  • Can throw and flip a heavy wooden beam into the air a short distance.


  • Outran a cheetah, which can run 68-75 MPH.
  • Crossed the Potomac River in approximately 5.4 seconds.
  • Reacted to an asteroid belt while piloting a rocket.
  • Scrooge reacted to an old-fashioned gun going off, jumping over the bullet at the last moment.
  • Can out-dodge and outrun arrows.
  • Dodged a "Electrabolt Cannon" and rockets being fired by an out-of-control robot.
  • Quickly hopped from place to place with no effort at all.
  • Was able to keep up with Magica for 4 miles without getting tired.
  • Once tossed a coin to the other side of a lake, quickly paddled a boat all the way across, and caught it before it landed
  • Dodged bullets up close though this was at a low gravity environment/moon
  • Dodged Goldie's shotgun blasts
  • Dodged “little comets” summoned by Magica De Spell.


  • Was shot in the face by a cannon, followed by being dragged through a mine field, each one blowing up on him.
  • Survived the Titanic sinking.
  • Traveled to the Earth's core.
  • Tanked the forces of a pyramid being shot up by a volcano.
  • Rode his money bin into orbit and tanked the full recoil of the impact.


  • Out-roared a lion.
  • Fought Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Can spot a dime on a mountain far away from him.


  • Greed: Scrooge's greed can often get the better of him, and cause him to lose sight of what's important.

Fun Facts

  • Scrooge is considered a cultural icon to Glascow, Scotland, so much so that he was actually made into the official mascot.

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