Rose Quartz
Series Steven Universe (series)
Age Immemorial
Sex Genderless, identifies as female
Height 8'0"
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Rose Quartz is a character from the television series Steven Universe.


Not much is known about Rose's past at the moment, aside from the fact that she values all life. Because of this, she rebelled against her homeworld after they threatened Earth, resulting in a lengthy war between the homeworld as her rebellion, the Crystal Gems. After this, she fell in love with a human named Greg and wound up having a child with him, at the expense of her physical body.

Powers & Abilities

  • Weapon Proficiency: As evidenced by her armory, containing maces, clubs, swords, and various other forms of weaponry, Rose is skilled in using a multitude of weapons.
  • Healing: Rose's tears has the power to heal the injuries of both humans and Gems
  • Phytokinesis: She can create sentient flora to fight for and alongside her.
  • Bubble Shield: Rose can summon a bubble to completely encase and protect her. The bubble shield is able to hold up after being caught in the middle of a crashing spaceship.
  • Shape-Shifting: While Rose herself has not displayed this ability, Pearl has stated that all Gems possess this ability.


  • Sword: Now commonly wielded by Connie. It appears to function as simply a basic sword.
  • Shield: Is now in possession of her son, Steven. The shield is durable enough to tank lasers from a gem warship and block most attacks thrown at it.



  • Easily poofed a fusion of three Rubies
  • Destroyed a ferris wheel's control panel with one punch
  • Stopped a malfunctioning ferris wheel from spinning by grabbing it, and tore off one of its seats


  • Reacted to a fusion of three Rubies in split-second timing.



  • Fought in a Gem War that lasted for a hundred years.


  • Gem Physiology: Gem bodies are fragile, and after sustaining enough damage they will disappear, leaving their gemstones vulnerable as they are forced to regenerate. Gems cannot regenerate if their gemstones are bubbled or contained in another object.
  • Gemstone: If a Gem's stones are cracked, it leads to them becoming corrupted beasts, making them less intelligent and more feral. If a Gem's stone is shattered completely, then the completely cease to exist.

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