Red King
Red King Movie
Series Ultraman (series)
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 40 m
Weight 20000 t
Alignment Chaotic Evil
The original Red King is a kaiju that fought other kaiju for unknown reasons on Tatara Island.


First appearing fighting a Chandora, Red King was more than a challenge for Chandoran. Red King easily beat Chandora, tearing his wing in process, and he ran away.

After killing Pigmon with an avalanche of rock, Ultraman appeared to fight Red King. After a beat down from Ultraman, Red King seems to have died or paralyzed. This was the final time this Red King have ever appears.

However, throughout the years, more Red King have appeared. Including yet another one who fought Ultraman, one who fought Ultraman Joneus. Another was wished into existence by a genie named Marjin, who fought Ultraman 80.

Alternate forms

EX Red King

Ex Red-King S
Battle Nizer versions are able to transform into EX Red King. A normal Red King can also be modified to become this form. In this form, he is even stronger than his normal form. He have access to attacks such as Flame Road, where he punches the the ground so hard, massive eruption occurs on the ground. He can also increase the size of his already large fists, which can also be used as shields to block attacks.

Powers & Abilities




  • Red King is stronger than most other kaiju.
  • Shattered King Joe Black's armor with just one kick.





  • Feet: Red King's feets are very tender. Attacking it will cause great pain to him.

Fun Facts

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