Pyrrha Nikos
Series RWBY
Age 17
Sex Female
Height 6'0"
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Pyrrha Nikos was a secondary character from the internet series RWBY.


Dubbed "The Invincible Girl" Pyrrha Nikos was a celebrity in the world of Remnant, she became such by winning the Mistral Region Tournament 4 times, and was even on a cereal box. She enrolled in the combat school, Beacon Academy, which trained students in becoming trained warriors called Huntsmen and Huntresses, whose job is to hunt and destroy monsters that threaten the planet called grimm.

At Beacon Academy, she joined Team JNPR, which was lead by Jaune Arc who she grew an attraction, despite him being a helpless fighter, and started training him.

At "The Battle of Beacon" where Beacon Academy was destroyed, she challenged Cinder Fall, despite Jaune’s warnings, who killed her, ending her story.

Powers & Abilities

  • Aura: Aura is the manifestation of one's soul and can be used for wide range of abilities. The specific abilities and their strengths differ from individual to individual and are dependent on a number of factors, such as experience, training, and innate skill. Pyrrha's aura can heal minor injuries, unlock other peoples auras and increase the strength of her attacks.
  • Semblance: Semblance is the manifestation of one's innate and personal power as an ability unique to each individual, with the effects varying greatly from user to user. It can be described as a tangible manifestation of one's aura. Pyrrha's semblance is Polarity, which commands the ability of magmatism to her.


  • Miló and Akoúo̱: Pyrrha wields two weapons, Miló and Akoúo̱, Miló is a weapon that can transform into a rifle, a spear and a short sword, while Akoúo̱ is her shield, it is able to block hard hits and is strong enough to smash through several trees.



  • Lifted up Jaune with her semblance and threw him into a wall.
  • Threw her weapon across a forest and it still hit its target.
  • Pushed over Jaune without trying.
  • Lifted heavy gears with her semblance.
  • Lifted up hundreds of cans with her semblance.



  • Can take attacks from giant Grimm.


  • Defeated Team CRDL by herself.
  • Kept up with Cinder Fall in battle.
  • Won the Mistral Region Tournament 4 times.


  • Far too emotionally sensitive.
  • Aura isn't unlimited.