Prohyas Warrior
Series Mighty Magiswords
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Prohyas Warrior is one of two main protagonists of the Cartoon Network animated series, Mighty Magiswords.


Ever since Prohyas and his sister, Vambre, were the age of five, they dreamed of becoming great adventurers, going on epic quests, battling monsters, and all that good stuff. When they got older, they opened up their own business called Warriors for Hire, where people basically give them money to go on quests or do certain tasks for them, to varying degrees of success.


  • Nurturing Proficiency:
  • Toon Force:


Since there are so many Magiswords on the show, this article will only focus on the ones that are exclusive to Prohyas. A full list of Magiswords that both he and Vambre have used without exclusivity can be found on the series page.

  • Accordion Magisword: A Magisword that functions like an actual accordion that Prohyas can play. This Magisword has virtually no combat attributes, but it's good for a jig.
  • Dolphin Magisword: A Magisword that possesses it's own sentience and is modeled after a dolphin. This Magisword has the ability to shoot water out of it's mouth and swim across bodies of water at high speeds. As shown in the short "Dolphinominal" and in the episode "Squirreled Domination", Prohyas considers it to be more of a companion than just another sword.
  • Hover Board Magisword: A Magisword that's used for transporation and functions like a Sci-Fi hoverboard. Prohyas and Vambre both have one each.
  • Pencil Magisword: A Magisword that is a pencil that Prohyas can use to draw things. Not very combat-efficient, but it is mildly annoying as he can draw mustaches on people's faces.
  • Zombie Pumpkin Magisword: Another Magisword that possesses it's own sentience, who Prohyas befriended. This Magisword has the ability to shoot pumpkin seeds, or "Seeds of the Undead", but despite being a sword it actually requires feeding in order to do so. The Zombie Pumpkin Magisword also changes based on what kind of pumpkin it eats (For example, eating a blue pumpkin turned it blue, and eating the seed of a giant pumpkin made it grow to an enormous size).







  • While he's not completely stupid, he isn't known for being particularly smart.
  • He doesn't work as well alone as he does when fighting with Vambre, and even then, like all siblings, they don't always see eye-to-eye.

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