Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra Released

Series Bleach
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 2.15m
Weight 93 kg
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Nnoitra Gilga is an antagonist from the anime/manga Bleach. He is also known as the Quinta Espada (Fifth Sword).


Nnoitra used to be the eighth strongest member of the Espada and lived under the shadow of Nelliel Tu Odelshwanck, the third Espada. In spite of his hatred for the woman, he requested help from Szayelaporro Grantz, who designed a device that could create illusions. Nnoitra used this device to fool Nelliel in battle and defeat her. Nnoitra's attack was so strong that it turned Nelliel into a child-like version of herself. After his eternal rival was taken out of the picture, he climbed up the ranks of the Espada. He fought Ichigo Kurosaki, Nelliel and Kenpachi Zaraki in Hueco Mundo, but Kenpachi ended up killing him after a hard-fought battle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hierro: Nnoitra, like all Espada, possesses an extremely hard skin, but his is the hardest one of all.
  • Índice Radar: He can measure an individual's reiatsu by sticking his fingers into the ground and shooting a beam that homes into the nearest source of reiatsu.
  • Cero: Nnoitra can fire a powerful burst of energy from his tounge.
  • Sonido: A really fast technique that allows the user to move at supersonic speeds. It is similar to the Shinigami's Shunpo.


  • Santa Teresa: Nnoitra's Soul Slayer is peculiar in that it is not shaped like a regular sword, but some kind of double scythe. Despite its huge size, Nnoitra wields it with ease.

Alternate FormsEdit


When Nnoitra releases his Soul Slayer, he takes the form of a Praying Mantis and his sword transforms into four scythes. He gains four more arms and his strength is vastly improved. He now has a healing factor and can summon more scythes at will.



  • Punched a hole in Kenpachi's chest.




  • Defeated Ichigo with ease (although he was injured from his previous fight with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez).
  • Destroyed an entire village of Hollows.
  • Defeated Nelliel and transformed her into a child (Although with help from Szayelaporro).
  • Held his own against Kenpachi and nearly killed him.

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