Series Soul Calibur
Age Immemorial
Sex Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 212 lbs.
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Nightmare is a playable character and main antagonist of the fighting game series Soul Calibur.


Long ago, predating the existence of the world, there was a demonic sword known as Soul Edge. Soul Edge housed the fire demon Inferno, who wanted to wreck chaos and spread darkness across the world. To do this, he needed a warrior capable of wielding Soul Edge to transform him or her into an azure-clad knight named Nightmare. Originally choosing the pirate Cervantes before settling on the knight Siefgried, Nightmare carried out his plans of conquering the world with fear and darkness... Until Siegfried fought for his freedom of the demonic blade and won.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit



  • Soul Edge: an incredibly ancient and powerful blade, it drains the souls of those it strikes as well as those who wield the blade.

Alternate FormsEdit

Night TerrorEdit



  • is able to swing the very large Soul Edge with little problem, even being able to use one arm to swing the sword.
  • Obliterated Ostrheinsburg Castle in a single blow




  • Defeated entire armies singlehandedly
  • As Dumas, thrust Europe into a continent-wide war
  • Killed Tira, his most loyal servant
  • Ripped a hole between dimensions with Soul Edge
  • Has devoured thousands of souls


  • Holy Weapons: Nightmare is linked to Soul Edge, which can only be harmed by holy weapons, such as it's counterpart, Soul Calibur. It is implied that other holy weapons, or ones that exist on the astral plane, can also harm Soul Edge.

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