Neptune Vasilias
Series RWBY
Age 17
Sex Male
Height 5'2
Weight N/A
Alignment Neutral Good
Neptune Vasilias is character from the web series, RWBY.


Not much is known about Neptune's backstory other than he is a Huntsman which in the World of Remnant cleanese the world of monsters known as Grimm and train and special academies, Neptune is from Haven Academy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Aura: Aura is the physical embodiment of Neptune's soul, it increases his durability and allows him to block minor attacks and increases his strength.


  • Neptune's weapon: Neptune has a weapon which can transform into three different weapons:
    • Gun: The first form is a gun that can shoot electric blasts.
    • Trident: Neptune's weapon can transform into a trident.
    • Guandao: It can also transform into a glowing Guandao, a type of lance.



  • Pierced Roman's mech with his trident.


  • Kept up with Team NDGO and Sun.


  • Helped defeat Team NDGO.
  • Fabulous
  • Is indeed serious


  • He's an aquaphobe.
  • He has an air of arrogance around him.

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