Necro Macro

Necro Macro Pacro Snacro Penis

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Series Deadman Wonderland
Age Unknown
Sex Genderless
Height 4.186 m
Weight 11.92 tons
Alignment True Neutral

The Necro Macro is a robot in Deadman Wonderland, which is used to control the prisoners.


Four years prior to the events of the series, so was the Necro Macro used to retain Crow, but while carrying out this mission so did it also murder other prisoners under the process. Thanks to this action, so was Necro Macro locked up to only be used in extreme situations.

Powers & Abilities

  • Honey Cannon: A laser cannon powered by a nuclear reactor.
  • Missiles: A set of six missiles.
  • Necro Macro Eye: A set of eyes which can see up 3km ahead and can fire a blinding beam.
  • Necro Macro Shell: Necro Macro's main body is shielded by a 40cm thick shell of unknown material, though it is safe to assume that it is some sort of metal.
  • Neko Jarashi: A metal hand it can extent out of the a holder right next to the Honey Cannon.

Alternate Forms

  • Second Model: A second model of Necro Macro used against the Deadmen trying to escape DW. Instead of having a laser cannon, so can this model spit out a stream of a strong acid.
  • DW Special Hunting Force's Model: A model made by the DW Special Hunting Force to fight the Ninben. This model holds a minigun, a metal arm similar to what the first model has and another unknown weapon that was never used.



  • Could drive through a concrete wall. (Chapter 5)
  • The second model could completely dissolve metal and an entire human being. (Chapter 14)


  • Could take a kick from Shiro (Chapter 5)


  • It has only a 37 minutes of operating time.
  • It can't take wet weather.
  • It has vital unprotected wires on its neck, which can be disconnected if facing someone with rather sticky fingers.

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