Naraku by krishima-d7rj3xa
Series InuYasha (Series)
Age 50 (Chronologically)

23 (Physical)

Sex Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 84kg
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Naraku is the main antagonist of the anime/manga series "InuYasha".


Naraku was once a normal human bandit called Onigumo. He was filled with deceit and hatred for other people and is associated with a group of roaming thieves.

He tricked Rasetsu the bandit leader and into approaching Kikyō as well as tries to attempt to steal the Shikon no Tama/Jewels of Four Seals. However the bandit didn't warn Rasetsu about a half-demon called InuYasha, who was keeping a watchful eye over the Jewels of Four Seals.

Though Rasetsu survived encountering InuYasha, he lost an eye and returned to his until to realize that Onigumo had made off with his troops. Rasetsu then discovered that Onigumo along with his troops are at the inn down the road celebrating their new change of leadership. Rasetsu was furious for the new leadership change so he decided to blew up the inn. Though the charred body of Onigumo's body manages to survived the blast caused by Rasetsu, Rasetsu decided to throw him off the cliff.

Until his badly burnt body was later found by Kikyō, and was slowly nursed by her which also caused him to speak back. Though he didn't have the ability to move, he developed feelings for her. Summoning dozens of demons by using corrupted souls, he let them devour his own body and exchanges for a new body and were bound together and created a server connector.

Powers & Abilities

  • Highly Intelligent: Naraku has a high intellect and knowledge of different various individual powers that exist within the Feudal Era.







Fun Facts

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