Nagi Kengamine
Series Deadman Wonderland
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Varies
Well then, I guess the forecast just changed to a rain of blood.
~ Nagi Kengamine

Nagi Kengamine (also known as "Owl") is a deadman Ganta met in the G-Ward. He is the leader of the Scar Chain, a group of Deadmen trying to break free from Deadman Wonderland.


Nagi Kengamine, as a deadman, was sent to the G-Ward of Deadman Wonderland in some way or another. The G-Ward is place where deadmen is collected and made to fight against each other for the entertainment of rich businessmen. In the G-Ward, Nagi started a relationship with another deadman, who he at some point got impregnated. Once the time came around for her to be included in a battle, Nagi begged the promoter to pit him against her, so to throw the battle and let her come out of the situation unscathed. His pleas was granted and intentionally lost the battle as plan and got his vocal cords removed as punishment of losing.

Soon after the battle, his girlfriend was ordered to be put down by the Undertakers(A special forces group to keep the deadmen at bay) for having her battle fixed. When Nagi learned that his lover and infant child was murder, Nagi went rouge and massacred 22 Undertakers soldiers.

To keep himself sane, Nagi made himself believe that his child was live in a hospital outside of Deadman Wonderland; waiting for him to break out together with the Scar Chain, which he formed after those events.

Powers & Abilities

  • Owl's Eye: Nagi Kengamine's Branch of Sin. Like all Branches of Sin, it allows him to control blood remote from his body. With this Branch of Sin, he can create explosive spheres out of his blood. These sphere hover in mid-air and he can control and detonate these at will. He is able to create them out of remote limbs and he appears to be immune their explosion.
  • High Pain-Tolerance



  • Could take a blow from Hibana Daida that was hard enough to crack the wall he was crushed against (Chapter 15)
  • He barely reacted to having his left forearm cut off. (Chapter 15)


  • Defeated Hibana Daida (Chapter 15)
  • Murdered 22 Undertaker soldiers.


  • He hasn't really had the easiest life. The apparent psychological problems he has got thanks for his past can lead him to snap and go on a murderous rampage.
  • He lost his left forearm against his battle with Hibana.
  • He is a prisoner of Deadman Wonderland, which means he has a collar around his neck that pumps lethal poison into his body and he needs to take an antidote every three days.
  • He have to hurt himself before being able to use his branch of sin.

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