Series Metal Gear
Age Unknown (born in the early 70's)
Sex Male
Height 2.02 m
Weight Unknown
Alignment Memes Chaotic Evil
Monsoon is a minor villain from Metal Gear Rising. He is one of the three members of the Winds of Destruction.


Full details on his past are unknown, although he claimed that he inherited his stance on killing people or ending up killed and his nihilistic views from the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh and the reign of terror from the Khmer Rouge regime and the Killing Fields between 1975-1979. At some point later, he joined a Cambodian organized crime syndicate, and was rumored to have had involvement in the drug trade and human trafficking. He also mastered the use of sai weapons, and his crime record was extensive enough to far outrank any ordinary gang member. He eventually got cyberneticized with a magnetics-based body after being caught in a gang shootout and mortally wounded. It was at this point that he decided to work with the Delaware-based PMC Desperado, apparently feeling it was much safer to work at a PMC instead of in a crime syndicate.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Magnetokinesis: Monsoon can manipulate certain metallic objects in several ways, like picking up large vehicles, or manipulating his own cyborg body.
  • Lorentz Force: With his magnetokinesis, he can also merge several structures into a huge amalgam of magnetic objects, which he can throw at his enemies.
  • Body Manipulation: He can detach parts of his body to dodge blows and get improved range for his melee attacks. His detached limbs can act on their own once they are separated.
  • Extreme Speed and Reactions.


  • Dystopia: A magnetic Sai that Monsoon can expertly wield in combination with his magnetokinesis.
  • Smoke Bombs: Used as a diversion to get the upper hand. It makes Monsoon undetectable, even to infrared visors.



  • Capable of picking up huge monuments with his magnetokinesis.
  • Effortlessly picked up tanks, helicopters, and trucks with his magnetism.
  • Capable of cutting through Raiden's cyborg body.


  • Effortlessly dodged attacks from Raiden's Blade Mode.
  • Can dodge point-blank fire from an RPG-7.


  • Endured a brutal beating from Raiden before being defeated.


  • He was the first person to unlock Raiden's Ripper Mode.
  • Pretty much impossible to beat without parrying.


  • Too arrogant.
  • His magnetokinesis can be nullified with EMP Grenades.
  • Attacking him with too much force can force him to split apart.

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