Mine AgK
Series Akame ga Kill!
Age Teens
Sex Female
Height 5'1
Weight ???
Alignment Chaotic Good
Wrong or not, I'll follow my own path!

Mine is one of the main characters of Akame ga Kill!.


Mine was born and raised near the western borders of the Empire, where she would face constant mockery for her foreign origins. After learning of the Revolutionary Army's alliance formations and promises of a new country with improved diplomatic relations, she joined and became part of their Night Raid assassin faction.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Equipment Edit

  • Roman Artillery: Pumpkin - A Teigu resembling a rifle with three firing modes. It is capable of operating as a sniper, machine gun or long barrel. Pumpkin fires blasts of spirit energy with power depending on the danger she feels she is in. Pumpkin has other parts that can be switched out to slash with spirit energy or fire weak, but fast and rapid shots.
  • An eyepiece that aides in sniping.



  • Sliced Seryu in half with her trump card.
  • Fired a blast powerful enough to completely vaporize her target.
  • Blasted a hole through a martial artist.
  • Destroyed Seryu's missile in mid-air.
  • Overpowered Budo's strongest attack, killing him and dispersing a massive cloud.


  • Kept up with Budo and Esdeath.


  • Kept fighting while injured.
  • Survived Budo's lightning.

Skill Edit

  • Can shoot targets with extreme precision.
  • Managed to hit Iokal through a massive crowd.
  • Seemingly skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well, enough so to spar with Akame.


  • Short-tempered.
  • Using Pumpkin too much will cause it to overheat and break.
  • Vulnerable to attacks from the back.

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