Meta Knight
Series Kirby (series)
Age Unknown (900+ years)
Sex Male
Height 8 inches
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Victory is my destiny!
~ Meta Knight
Meta Knight is a swordsman from the Kirby series of video games. He is a Star Warrior over 1000 years old that participated in the war against Nightmare, but nowadays he is more cool and mysterious, acting as a friend-or-foe character to Kirby.

Background Edit

Over 1000 years ago the Star Warriors engaged in a war against Nightmare and his evil forces. Leading the Star Warriors was Meta Knight. In the end the Star Warriors won but at the cost of many casualties. At the end of the war Meta Knight was practically invisible for many years until he met up with King Dedede and began to 'work' for the King until the final remaining Star warrior: Kirby crash landed onto Popstar.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Sword Proficiency:
  • Heal: Fully heals Meta Knight's health, however he can only use this ability a limited amount of times.
  • Meta Quick: Temporarily increases Meta Knight's movement speed
  • Clone Creation: Meta Knight can clone himself up to four times.
  • Mach Tornado (Meta Knightmare's Revenge): Meta Knight jumps up, spins around and summons two tornadoes to cover the entire arena and cause destruction.
  • Mach Tornado (Smash Bros.): Meta Knight spins his blade fast enough to create a tornado and can surround himself with it for defense.
    • Entangling Tornado: Pulls in opponents with a powerful vortex.
    • Dreadful Tornado: A much stronger, but slower variation.
  • Drill Rush: A spinning lunge with Galaxia outstretched
    • High-Speed Drill: A much faster variant that Meta Knight can't change the direction of.
    • Shield Breaker Drill: A less powerful variant designed to destroy defenses and force fields.
  • Shield Piercer: Pierces through Barriers at the expense of lowering attack power.

Equipment Edit

  • Galaxia: A blade created by the Photron that can fire pyrokinetic projectiles, electric shockwaves, and curved sword beams and can create the Mach Tornado.
  • Dimensional Cape: A cape that lets Meta Knight teleport short distances and gives him his iconic 'Bat Wings.'

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

  • Able to carry a building sized Dedede statue with the tip of his blade.
  • Can destroy obstacles with his sword that Kirby requires a mech for in Planet Robobot.

Speed Edit

  • Is able to fly as fast as Kirby's Warp Star, which is FTL, and can travel from planet to planet in seconds.
  • Casually swings his sword so fast, it breaks the sound barrier.
  • Flew to the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy in seconds.

Durability Edit

  • Endured attacks from Kirby and Magalor.

Skill Edit

  • Regularly goes toe-to-toe with Kirby on a regular basis.
    • Has also shown on several occasions to almost always be superior than Kirby, only legitimately losing to Kirby once.
  • Defeated Galacta Knight, the (previously) strongest warrior in the galaxy.
  • Is apparently ambidextrous.

Weaknesses Edit

  • If his mask is broken or his face revealed, he will often hide his face and teleport away.
  • He goes by a code of honor, so if an opponent is unarmed, he will usually give them a weapon to fight with.
  • Not very experienced without a sword.

Fun Facts Edit

Meta Knight is a very unique boss in the games that he stars in, (Except Kirby's Epic Yarn) because he always gives Kirby a sword before fighting, making him a very honorable character.

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