Heroes never die!
~ Mercy
Series Overwatch
Age 37
Sex Female
Height 1.7 m / 5'7"
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Angela Ziegler, also known as Mercy, is one of the many playable characters from Overwatch.


As the head of a prominent hospital in Zürich, Switzerland, Dr. Angela Ziegler discovered new uses for applied nanobiology that made treating life-threatening illnesses or injuries significantly easier and more successful. This attracted the attention of Overwatch, which she gladly joined.

When Mercy became Overwatch's head of medical research, she developed the Valkyrie swift-response suit so her technology could be taken to the battlefield. Using it, she helped to save the life of Genji Shimada when he was nearly killed by his brother. She also collaborated with Torbjörn Lindholm to design a prototype Biotic Rifle.

After the Overwatch Swiss Headquarters was destroyed, Mercy attended a UN committee to explain how the relationship between Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes decayed and became violent. She kept her Valkyrie suit after Overwatch was disbanded and continues to use it to heal the sick and wounded.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Skilled Medic and Scientist: Often considered one of the best medics in the world, Mercy has aided in the world's biggest medical advances. She's helped develop Ana Amari's Biotic Rifle, and she's saved the lives of many Overwatch agents.
  • Flight: Thanks to her Valkyrie suit, she's capable of flying close to her allies while healing them. She's also able to hover through the battlefield.
  • Resurrect: Mercy's Ultimate Ability, with it, she emits a huge amount of healing energy, which resurrects recently deceased foes.
  • Healing Factor: If she doesn't take damage for three seconds, she will heal herself for a low amount of energy.


  • Valkyrie Suit: A special suit designed by her. It allows her to fly towards her allies and hover through the battlefield.
  • Caduceus Staff: A mechanical staff that Mercy can use for two different purposes: Healing her allies' wounds, and boosting their attack power.
  • Caduceus Blaster: Mercy's personal sidearm. A gun used solely for personal defense.



  • Capable of dealing minor damage to heavily armoured foes, such as Reinhardt Wilhelm.


  • Capable of easily catching up with all characters in the games, even when they're running at top speed.


None currently.


  • Became one of the best medics in the world.
  • Saved Genji from his death after he took a beating from Hanzo.
  • Saved Gabriel Reyes' life after the conflict in the Swiss Overwatch HQ.
  • Helped develop Ana's Biotic Rifle.


  • Physically weaker than most Overwatch characters.
  • Can't attack while healing others.
  • Her Caduceus Blaster isn't very powerful.

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