Series Godzilla (series)
Age <1 year
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight 12,000 tons
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Megaguirus is a dragonfly-like kajiu that appeared in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.


Megaguirus is a Meganula queen. Meganula is sort of arthropod from another dimension. Meganulas are much bigger than any arthropod we know on earth. They drain blood from their prey which they then give to the queen and it so happens that the queen were given blood from Godzilla which mutated her to Megaguirus.

Powers & Abilities

  • Blade-like Wings: With her wings, she is able to cut through buildings.
  • High Frequency Waves: She can move her wings so fast that they create high frequency waves. They are strong enough to destroy whole city blocks.
  • Claws: Megaguirus has a couple of crab-like claws.
  • Blood draining: Megaguirus has a claw in the end of her tail which can drain blood from her enemy.
  • Atomic Blast: After draining enough blood from Godzilla; she can do a ball similar to Godzilla's Atomic Breath.



  • Able to push Godzilla.
  • Her high frequency waves are able to destroy city blocks.


  • Can dodge Godzilla's Supersonic Atomic Breath.
  • Is easily the fastest entity in the film, faster than the Griffon Fighter.


  • Survived getting thrown into a building by Godzilla.
  • Survived getting body slammed by Godzilla.
  • Were able to continue fighting after losing one of her claws.
  • Can barely survive Godzilla's Atomic Breath.

=== Skill ===

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