Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia
Series Fairy Tail
Age 19
Sex Female
Height N/A
Weight 47 kg (103 lbs)
Alignment Neutral Good
 Lucy Heartfilia is one of the main characters of the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail, wherein she became a member of Team Natsu.


Lucy Heartfilia is the daughter of the extremely wealthy Heartfilia family. In her mansion, she had developed good relationships with the staff members and her mother, until she had passed away when Lucy was around the age of ten. Despite that, her father had been obssesed with money and buisness, having neglected Lucy which led her to running away from home prior a year before Lucy had met with Natsu, eventually taking her to the Fairy Tail guild.

Powers & Abilities

  • Celestial Spirit Magic: A form of magic used by Celestial Spirit Mages. This magic allows her to summon Celestial Spirits, beings from the Celestial Spirit World. These beings, once have formed a contract with the mage, the spirit will be available for Lucy, either to fight by her side or do several tasks for her.
  • Star Dress: A Celestial Spirit Mage spell used by Lucy, wherein she obtains the powers of the summoned Spirit into her body, which manifests itself into a dress and a tattoo of the Spirit's zodiac sign on a part of her body. This boosts her own Magic Power, being able to perform stronger spells due to the addition of the Spirit's power.
  • Urano Metria: A powerful spell, known as the "Ultimate Magic of the Stars", Lucy falls in a state of trance, in which she chanted out the spell's incantation. This prompts the area around her opponents to become full of star-like lights, followed shortly after by a blanket of darkness reminiscent of a night sky. All of the star-like lights exploded at the same time, inflicting heavy damage upon enemies.
  • Lucy Kick: Lucy's so called "final" attack" is where Lucy charges into her opponents and leaps in the air, maintaining her momentum, and then sending a flying kick onto her opponents, a non-magical flying kick.


  • Celestial Spirit Keys: Being a Celestial Spirit Mage, she has several Celestial Spirit Keys, each one serving as a gate to the respective Spirit.
    • Gate of the Water Bearer Key: Summoned the Water Bearer, Aquarius.
    • Gate of the Golden Bull Key: Summons the Golden Bull, Taurus.
    • Gate of the Giant Crab Key: Summons the Giant Crab, Cancer.
    • Gate of the Maiden Key: Summons the Maiden, Virgo.
    • Gate of the Archer Key: Summons the Archer, Sagittarius.
    • Gate of the Lion Key: Summons the Lion, Loke.
    • Gate of the Twins Key: Summons the Twins, Gemini.
    • Gate of the Ram Key: Summons the Ram, Aries.
    • Gate of the Scorpion Key: Summons the Scorpion, Scorpio.
    • Gate of the Goat Key: Summons the Goat, Capricorn.
    • Gate of the Southern Cross Key: Summons the Southern Cross, Crux.
    • Gate of the Clock Key: Summons the Clock, Horologium.
    • Gate of the Lyre Key: Summons the Lyre, Lyra.
    • Gate of the Canis Minor Key: Summons the Canis Minor, Nikora (Plue).
    • Gate of the Compass Key: Summons the The Compass, Pyxis.
    • By using one of her Gold Keys, Lucy can summon the Celestial Spirit King, ruler of a Celestial Spirits
  • Fleuve d'etoiles: A magical whip of water that Lucy uses as a melee weapon when not fighting with her Spirits. Being made of water, it can extend and contract at Lucy's command.

Alternate Forms

  • Aquiarius Form
  • Leo Form
  • Virgo Form
  • Taurus Form
  • Sagittarius Form
  • Aries Form

Aquarius Form

This form was bestowed upon her by the Celestial Spirit King, and once in it, Lucy took on an appearance based on Aquarius' own, Lucy in this form gains water magic.

Leo Form

By incorporating the power of Loke into her body, Lucy gains the ability to use Regulus, a form of light magic.

Virgo Form

Lucy incorporates the power of Virgo into her body, which grants her access to Virgo's Earth Magic.

Taurus Form

Lucy incorporates the power of Taurus into her body, which greatly boosts her strength and striking power.

Sagittarius Form

Lucy incorporates the power of Sagittarius into her body, which grants Lucy the excellent marksmanship of Sagittarius, allowing her to fire several arrows simultaneously with each arrow hitting its mark.

Aries Form

Lucy incorporates the power of Aries into her body, which she is granted... um... this Form doesn't have any major changes to Lucy.



  • Lucy: Using Urano Metria, Lucy was able to defeat Demon Lord Jackal
  • Lucy: Can carry large logs 
  • Taurus: Destroyed a giant Lacrima


  • Lucy: Can keep Drake's magic bullets, for a comparison real life guns can move at 1700 m/s, and Drake's bullets can easily move faster


  • Aquarius: Blocked Jackal's explosions
  • Horologium: Can protect Lucy from attacks as powerful as Jacob's Assasination Magic



  • Using too much magic can greatly weaken Lucy, or even Kill her
  • Using Urano Metria requires help  from her spirits, Gemini
  • Not much of a melee fighter compared to her collegues or spirits
  • By summoning the Celestial Spirit King, Lucy must break one of her existing Gold Key Spirit Keys

Fun Facts

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