Lucia Trigger

Series Devil May Cry
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Lucia or Chi is the deuteragonist of the hack-and-slash video game Devil May Cry 2. She's a demon turned demon hunter.


Lucia is a demon created by the millionaire Arius. Lucia was deemed defective and was going to be sacrificed, but she was saved by Matier.  When Arius wanted to fuse himself with the Argosax, Lucia lured Dante to her island so that he'd stop the ambitious sorcerer. Both demon hunters worked together and managed to defeat Arius and his army of demons.

Powers & Abilities

  • Improved Durability
  • Improved Agility
  • Underwater breathing


  • Cutlaseer: A pair of swords with standard power.
  • Kylamoor: A pair of longswords with less power than the Cutlaseer.
  • Zambak: A pair of short swords with higher power than Lucia's other weapons.
  • Throwing Daggers: Silver knives that Lucia can throw with impressive accuracy. She has an unlimited number of them.
  • Darts: Similar to the daggers, but Lucia can throw more Darts at the same time.
  • Bow Gun: A rapid-fire ballista that can only be used underwater.
  • Cranky Bombs: An unlimited set of grenades that Lucia can use to set up traps.

Alternate Forms

Devil Trigger

Lucia can activate her demon powers at any time. In this form, she performs stronger attacks, shoots homing knives, recovers health, and a lot more abilities that are determined by what Hearts her amulet has:

  • Aqua Heart: Improves her swimming capabilities.
  • Aerial Heart: Gives her the power of flight.
  • Quick Heart: Greatly increases her speed.
  • Flame Heart: Gives her attacks a fiery attribute.
  • Frost Heart: Gives her attacks an icy attribute.
  • Electro Heart: Gives her attacks an electric attribute.
  • Chrono Heart: Slows time for her enemies.
  • Healing Heart: Enhances Lucia's healing factor.
  • Offence Heart: Improves Lucia's offensive capabilities even further.





  • Withstood an attack from Arius that split the ground in half.


  • Defeated Jokatgulm, a giant tentacle monster.
  • Defeated Orangguerra, a huge orangutan-like demon.
  • Destroyed an infested tank with a sword and some knives.
  • Survived carrying the Evil Heart, which drains the life of those who carry it.
  • Defeated a Noctpteran, a giant larva-spawning Moth Demon.
  • Can breath underwater for long periods of time.
  • Defeated Tateobesu, an invisible Electric fish demon.
  • Defeted Tartarussian and Plutonian, a pair of giant two-head devils.
  • Defeated Phantom and opened the gates to the demon world.
  • Defeated Trismagia, the oracle of the demon world.
  • Killed Arius in his Argosax form.


  • Overly emotional

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