Lotor, the Prince of the Galra Empire
Series Voltron (series)
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
The universe can no longer doubt our strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger, while those who continue to stand against us will be crushed.
~ Lotor
Lotor is one of the main antagonists of Voltron: Legendary Defender, a reboot of the Voltron anime series.


Lotor is the son of Zarkon, ruler of the Galra empire, who was exiled from the empire for a long time for unknown reasons. After his father's obsession with taking back the Black Lion of Voltron for himself led to his defeat at the hands of the Defenders of the Universe, Lotor was called to take over for his father as emperor of the Galra. Due to being a hybrid of Galran and Altean, Lotor's personal guard is made up entirely of other Galra hybrids.


  • Sword: Lotor is shown to mainly fight with a sword, which he has incredible skill with.



  • Sliced a Galra general's sword in half with his own sword.




  • Defeated a Galra general in a duel.
  • Easily toyed with the Paladins in their Lions using only a Galra fighter ship.
  • Came up with a plan to steal a reality-travelling comet and get away from Voltron.


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