Lordgenome, the Spiral King

Lazengann rendered


Cathedral Terra

Cathedral Lazengann

Series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (series)
Age Over 1,000
Sex Male
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Alignment Neutral Good, Formerly Lawful Evil
I am no king. Just a simple warrior.
~ Lordgenome
Lordgenome is a villain-turned-hero from the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


As a young boy, Lordgenome was part of a small human civilization that lived on Earth. He was a loner, with his only friends being a group of animals. When the Anti-Spirals, a group of aliens dedicated to wiping out all Spiral life forms like humans invaded the Earth, Lordgenome helped fight them off using the Gunman he had found. During the Anti-Spiral War, Lordgenome quickly rose up the military ranks, eventually becoming a general. However, no matter how strong he was, the enemy was much stronger. In time, there were barely any Spiral Warriors still fighting, with most of them slain by the Anti-Spirals. At was at this point where the Anti-Spiral showed itself to Lordgenome, revealing to him the reason they wished to wipe out humanity. According to the Anti-Spirals, if humanity evolves too much, the energy they will unleash will tear apart the universe. In an attempt to remedy this and save his species, Lordgenome struck a deal with the Anti-Spiral. If he could drive humanity to stop evolving, than the Anti-Spirals would stop fighting. As such, Lordgenome turned on humanity, using an army of artificially-created human-animal hybrids known as Beastmen to drive humans underground, preventing them from living on the surface and evolving. With Lordgenome as the new king of Earth, it was his job to make sure no humans came on the surface. But, that would all change when a young boy from an underground village found a face-shaped Gunman while digging tunnels in the dirt.

Several years after Lordgenome was overthrown and killed, he was resurrected as a biocomputer to explain the warning he gave before his death. He explained about his deal with the Anti-Spirals, which was broken when the millionth human was born above the ground. Now assisting the people of Earth, including Simon, the Spiral Warrior who killed him, Lordgenome's despair began to leave and the man he once was started to return.

Powers & Abilities

  • Spiral Power: Spiral Power is the energy source that humans and animals use to evolve, which can also be weaponized by certain people known as Spiral Warriors. As one of the last Spiral Warriors still living, Lordgenome is a master at manipulating his Spiral Power. Spiral Power can be used to power Gunmen, evolve animals into Beastmen, enhance physical abilities, absorb other energy sources and transform them into Spiral Power, and even warp reality to some extent. With his Spiral Power, Lordgenome has created Lazengann out of nothing, and even transformed the battleship Cathedral Terra into a humanoid form in seconds, which took Simon a much longer amount of time to do.
  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability: Due to his Spiral Power, Lordgenome's natural strength, speed, and durability have increased significantly. He has enough strength to easily beat up and tear apart Gunmen like Lagann with his bare hands, he's fast enough to keep up with Lagann on foot, and he's tough enough to take blows from Gunmen on his own.


  • Lazengann: Lordgenome's signature Gunman, which is made from the fusion of a smaller, head-shaped Gunman and a bigger Gunman that makes up the body below the neck. Despite Lazengann's power, Lordgenome considers using it holding back, and sees himself as much stronger without it.
    • Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability: Lazengann is incredibly strong, enough to slice through battleships with its bare hands, is fast enough to keep up with Gurren Lagann, and is tough enough to no-sell Gurren Lagann's main finishing move.
    • Drill Manipulation: Lordgenome can form tendril-like drills from the ports on Lazengann's body and use them as weapons. These drills are sharp enough to pierce Gurren Lagann's body, and can be bent and stretched in mid-air.
    • Drill Bullets: Lazengann can fire drill-shaped projectiles for use as a ranged attack.
    • Giga Drill Break: Lazengann's version of Gurren Lagann's signature finishing move, which has it wrap hundreds of drills around its legs and merge them into a single, massive drill. Lazengann's Giga Drill Break is stronger than Gurren Lagann's, and is much bigger than Dekabutsu's head.
    • Lazengann Overload: Lazengann absorbs a powerful energy attack before turning it into a drill full of Spiral Power and giving it to an ally Gunman to power them up, though doing this will destroy Lazengann and kill Lordgenome.
  • Dekabutsu: A gigantic Gunman that Lordgenome used as his capital city of Teppelin during his time as the Spiral King. It can deploy hundreds of Gunmen and supply them with power, and its head serves as a docking point for Lazengann. When fighting, it mainly uses the massive hammer on one of its hands. By fusing with Lazengann, it can change into an enhanced form, though this form's capabilities were never seen.
  • Cathedral Terra: Lordgenome's flagship from the Anti-Spiral War, a battleship almost as big as the moon that is covered in cannons and missile launchers. By fusing itself with Lazengann and Dekabutsu, it can become Cathedral Lazengann, a Gunman almost have the size of the Earth. Cathedral Lazengann has massive drills on its shoulders, which can be attached to its hands for combat, is tough enough to tank planets being thrown at it, and can tear through an army of Gunmen and battleships with one drill attack.



  • Can smash stone and tear through metal.
  • Easily ripped open the top of Lazengann's head.
  • Overpowered Lagann, tore off its arms, and crushed them.
  • Lazengann can slice through battleships and Gunmen with its bare hands.
  • Lazengann disposed of Gurren with one tail strike.
  • Lazengann overpowered Gurren Lagan.
  • Lazengann broke Gurren Lagann's sunglasses with ease.
  • Lazengann can easily slice through Anti-Spiral fighters.
  • Cathedral Lazengann would've destroyed Earth if Arc-Gurren Lagann didn't stop it.
  • Cathedral Lazengann tore through an army of battleships and Gunmen with one attack.


  • Kept up with Lagann.
  • Lazengann kept up with Gurren Lagann.


  • Tanked blows from Lagann.
  • Could talk with a large hole in his chest.
  • Lazengann no-sold a Giga Drill Break.
  • Cathedral Lazengann can tank being hit with planets.


  • Earned the position of general during the Anti-Spiral War.
  • Fought the Anti-Spirals for years.
  • Was one of the last Spiral Warriors during the end of the war.
  • Defeated Gurren Lagann in a fight.
  • Nearly defeated Simon.


  • No longer in his prime.
  • Has become rather lazy.
  • Lazengann Overload is only useful if there are nearby allies to give the energy to.

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