Series Red vs. Blue
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
When a TRUE soldier is told to kill, he kills. He does not question why. He does not mourn the fallen. He fulfills his role and moves on to the next.
~ Locus talking to Washington

Locus is one of the main antagonist of the internet series, Red vs. Blue.


Power & Abilities

  • Fighting skill: Locus is a skilled soldier. Able to go toe to toe against Carolina, who is the best fighter in Project Freelancer. Has focus on single, powerful strikes. Barely uses his feet
  • Marksmanship: Locus is one hell of a shot. He was able to snipe a plasma grenade from a great distance just to knock out Donut, even though it was halfway covered. Shot Carolina's battle rifle out of her hands, And shot a grande in the air.
  • Armor Enchantments
    • ​Active Camouflage: One of Locus's most used armor enchainments which allows him to go invisible. Prefers sneaking up to his enemy with a neck snap.
    • Grav Boots: A enchantment that attaches to the surfaces. It can also withstand being sucked in space.


  • Sniper Rifle: With this weapon, Locus uses it far away from his opponents, it only holds up to 4 shots.
  • Shotgun: By holding up to 6 shells, it will send out scattered bullets. Only useful in close range.
  • SAW: The SAW is a auto fire mode gun that holds in total of 72 rounds.
  • Magnum: A pistol that fires a single bullet in each shot.
  • Sticky Detonator: Fires a C4 to attach to any objects. It was able to destroy a tank.
  • Railgun: Fires a high explosive laser with great speed that needs to be charge up to 2 seconds. He used it on Sarge and Wash.
  • Incineration Cannon: Fires multiple particles in a shot. Was strong enough to destroy a tank.
  • Stun Grenades: Releases a yellow smoke to distract his opponents.
  • Grenades: They explode what did you expect.
  • Teleportation Grenades: If a random object gets caught by it's blast is in it's subspace, However by throwing another one will teleport back.
  • Great Key: Able to slice through giant creates and vehicles. can only use if the person uses it first, though if the person who uses it dies then another can use it.



  • Launched Carolina so hard she was send flying.
  • Knocked Wash with a headbutt.


  • Fast enough to evade battle rifle rounds.
  • Kept up with Carolina in combat.


  • Is tough enough to tank a explosion that had the UNSC Tartarus crashing into the Purge.
  • Tanked a DMR shot while being invisible.
  • Took a knife threw at his chest.
  • Able to survive a sticky detonator explosion.


  • Raided the entire UNSC Tartarus with a help with space pirates.
  • With Felix, was able to beat Wash and Carolina.
  • Fought "The Great War" and was able to survive.
  • Took down Ruben Lozano along with his men.


  • Never uses the Great Key.
  • Outburst of rage if someone calls him a coward leaving him to tackle the person.

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