Series DC Comics
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 7'6"
Weight 640 lbs (290 kg)
Alignment Neutral Evil

They don't call me the Main Man for nothin'.
~ Lobo

The name's Lobo. That's 'L' as in 'Lacerate', 'O' as in 'Obliterate', 'B' as in 'disemBowel', and 'O' as in... Eh, I guess I can use 'Obliterate' twice, huh, what do you think?
~ Lobo to Superman

What's the matter? Ya never seen an archbishop regenerate himself from his own blood before?
~ Lobo

The more you move, the more it'll hurt. So, feel free to go crazy!
~ Lobo

Lobo, better known as "the Main Man", is a bounty hunter appearing in DC Comics.


The Czarnians were a peaceful alien race living on the planet Czarnia... That is, until one certain child was born. This child caused his mother to go insane just by looking at him, and was given the name Lobo, as to the Czarnians, the word meant "he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it". In his adulthood, Lobo even became responsible for the extinction of every other Czarnian by unleashing a swarm of mutant scorpions upon the planet... a science project he gave himself an A+ on. Now as the last Czarnian, Lobo has taken up life as a bounty hunter whose infamy has reached every corner of the universe.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability
  • Healing Factor: Lobo's healing factor is strong enough to regrow limbs in a matter of seconds, including the bone. Superman himself has stated that Lobo can even fully regenerate from a single drop of blood.
  • Nigh Immortality: Lobo once died, but was deemed too rowdy for even Hell to contain, so they sent him to Heaven instead. Obviously, they didn't want him either. So they returned Lobo's soul to his body, granting him with immortality. Because of this, Lobo cannot die from aging or diseases, and combined with his healing factor, makes him extremely difficult to kill.
  • Intellect: Despite what one may think, Lobo is actually quite intelligent. He knows 17,897 different languages and is capable of understanding basic science.


  • The BFG (Big Fraggin' Gun):
  • Combat Knives
  • Grenades
  • Chain Sickle
  • The Spacehog: Lobo's rocket-powered motorcycle, which is his primary form of transportation as well as his most prized possession, to the point where he becomes enraged if anyone so much as scratches it.



  • Can match Superman and other characters on his level in strength.
  • Easily broke a Green Lantern construct, which can withstand nukes and blows from Superman-level beings.
  • Regularly beats up Goldstar, who can survive planetary blasts.
  • Killed someone just by spitting at them.
  • Can easily break through magical barriers.
  • Threw an alien entity with the mass of a sun.
  • Crushes trillions of tons worth of city into a ball and, no not making this up eats it.
  • Held up a pocket universe.



  • Can tank punches from Superman-level characters.
  • Regenerated from just his skull in a matter of seconds.
  • Shot himself through his brain just to prove it wouldn't kill him.
  • Survived driving through a black hole just to get to the nearest bar.
  • Shrugs of an explosion that clears all of life in a planet.



  • Overconfidence: Lobo's nigh-unkillable state has trained him to think he is invincible, when in reality he can still be incapacitated (it's just really hard to do so). Because of this, he tends to overestimate his own abilities.
  • Womanizer: Lobo can easily be distracted by a pretty face.

Fun Fact

  • It is theorized that Lobo is a parody of the Marvel Superhero Wolverine, in response to Marvel creating a parody of Deathstroke in the form of Deadpool.
  • Longtime Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee has said on his Youtube channel that Lobo is his favorite DC Comics character.