Series Tales
Age 26
Sex Female
Height 1.62 m
Weight 50 kg
Alignment Neutral Evil

Legretta is an antagonist in the video game Tales of the Abyss. She is one of the six god-generals of the Oracle Knights and the most trusted subordinates of Van Grantz.

Background Edit

Legretta planned on assassinate Van for sending her brother out in a battle that Van knew he had no chance of surviving. After failing to assassinate Van, so did he promote her to his personal aide since her acts were against Yulie's score. A year after this so did Legretta become the teacher of Van's little sister Tear, from which she learned more about Van. As the more she learned about Van, the more her hatred began to be switched out by admiration, until she became a loyal servant to Van.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Fast fighting style: Legretta owns the title "Legretta the Quick". Which she owned through her fighting style were she can easily pursuit her opponent and being able to make effective attacks in a safe distance.
  • High physical defense.
  • She can use strike artes without being above a FOF circle.

Artes Edit

  • Eclair de Larmes: A light-element spell that forms a magic crest beneath the target in which then erupts into magical light.
  • Holy Lance: A powerful light-element spell that creates a circle of spears of light in the sky which then fly torts the target.
  • Blessed Drops: A water-element spell that creates a giant bubble above the opponent bursts into smaller bubbles that rain down.
  • Rage Laser: A light-element spell that shots a laser out of her gun.
  • Prism Ballet: Legretta's mystic arte which raises walls of light around and she proceeds to shot a larger Rage Laser at the opponent, after they were hailed by gunfire.
  • Inlay Nocturne: A strike arte that cages the target in a crystal that bursts into magical light.
  • Searing Sorrow: A strike arte which creates a giant fire ball above the users head that fly torts the target.

Equipment Edit

Fon-tech guns x2: A pair of guns made of fon-tech which seemingly isn't needed to be reload.

Feats Edit

Skills: Edit

  • Were able to fight the group of main characters solo.
  • Were able to become a god-general.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Weak against spells

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