Kyoko Kirisaki
Series Black Cat (series)
Age 17
Sex Female
Height 156 cm
Weight 45 kg
Alignment True Neutral
Kyoko Kirisaki is a supporting character in the manga Black Cat. She is an ex-member of the Apostles of the Stars.

Background Edit

Kyoko Kirisaki was a normal high school girl from the island country Jipanku. At some point, she joined the Apostles of the Stars and drank the holy Ki water, giving her her Tao ability of Heat. She often worked together with Charden Flamberg, who she left the Apostles of the Stars with after Creed Diskenth killed Durham Glaster.

Some time after those events, Kyoko annoyed a guy to point of making him violent. Train (unnecessarily) saved her from that situation in a way she deemed "cool". After that point, she was madly in love with Train.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Heat: Kyoko Kirisaki's Tao ability, which allow her to accelerate her cellular movements, this generates a high amount of heat from her that she can use for a numerous different powers.
    • Melt or burn things she touches
    • Super Hot Breath of Fire: An exhaling of fire.
    • Death Kiss: The act of pressing her mouth against one's other and exhaling fire into them, burning them from the inside.
    • Heat Barrier: She can heighten her temperature to such that the highly pressurized atmosphere around her works as a shield.
    • Super Red-Hot Fire-Ball: She concentrates her fire breath into a single powerful ball of fire.
    • Surrounding her fist with fire to deliver more fatal hits.

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

  • She left a tombstone as a molten mess simply by touching it. (Chapter 26)
  • She can burn through the metal hood of a police-car. (Chapter 41)
  • Her Super Red-Hot Fire-Ball crushed the pavement it hit. (Chapter 91)

Speed Edit

Durability Edit

  • Her heat barrier have allowed her to take explosions head on with no mortal damage.

Skills Edit

Weaknesses Edit

  • She is rather childish and illogical.
  • In fear of not being like by Train, she follows his philosophy of never killing someone.
  • She hasn't exactly proven herself to be the greatest shot with her Super Red-Hot Fire-Ball, as she a missed with it every time she used it.

Fun Facts Edit

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