Kumatora smashified transparent no lipstick by hextupleyoodot-da8mmn1
Series Mother
Age ~14
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Princess Kumatora is one of the main characters in the role-playing game, Mother 3.


Kumatora was a young infant when she arrived to the Nowhere Island in the White Ship, having no parents to take care of her- the Magypsies decided to take care of her, which resulted in Kumatora gaining the knowledge of various PSI moves. She was decided to be made the Princess of the Osohe Castle, although, in haste, not much backstory was provided for her.

Powers & Abilities

  • PSI Powers: PSI is a power used like magic. This can be used in different ways. The power of a PSI is determined by a Greek letter (alpha, beta, gamma, delta and omega). Different people can have different sets of these. Kumatora has access to several types of offensive PSI.
    • Fire (α, β, γ, and Ω): A pyrokinetic attack with a wide area of damage. Might cause severe burns to the enemy.
    • Thunder (α, β, γ, and Ω): Summons a bolt of lightning that only hurts one random enemy at a time, but it ignores all shields and defenses. Every level of the PSI adds another thunder attack.
    • Freeze (α, β, γ, and Ω): A cryokinetic attack that only hits one foe. It can freeze the foe for some time.
    • Lifeup (α and β): This PSI can heal some wounds and restore HP. It's weaker than Lucas' version.
    • Offense Down (α and Ω)
    • Defense Down (α and Ω)
    • Healing (only α): While it's only the basic version, it can be used to remove Crying, Fleas, Tears, Paralyzing, forgetfulness, posing, strangeness, sleeping, numbness, and Nausea.
    • Paralysis (α and Ω): Paralyzes one(α) or all enemies (Ω)
    • Hypnosis (α and Ω): Makes one (α) or more (Ω) enemies go to sleep.
    • Brainshock (α and Ω): Make one (α) or (Ω) more enemies feel "Strange" (Makes them have a slight chance to hitting themselves with normal attacks)
    • PSI Magnet (α and Ω): Make one (α) or (Ω) more enemies get some of their PP sucked away, this is the only PSI move to need 0 PP, allowing Kumatora to gain more PP to use in PSI attacks.
    • Ground: Geokinetic attack that can hit five times in a row, can't be blocked by any shields or counters, and can make a enemy trip.
    • Starstorm: Causes Meteors to rain, but is affected by Shields and Counters and uses more PP than Ground.


  • Mystical Gloves: Piece of clothing that improves Kumatora's PSI abilities, along with her HP, IQ and Speed.



  • Knocked out two bodyguards without her PSI powers.
  • Helped destroy a giant tank.




  • Aided in the destruction of the enormous Natural Killer Cyborg.
  • Aided in the defeat of Porkey Minch.


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