Series God of War
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
The Hands of Death could not defeat me, the Sisters of Fate could not hold me, and you will not see the end of this day!! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!
~ Kratos

Kratos is the protagonist of the video game series God of War. He is a demigod, born in Sparta, who vowed to get revenge on the gods for tricking him and causing the death of his family.


Kratos was a violent spartan warrior, a mighty general and a demigod born from the lions of Zeus. During his lifetime, he was offered servitude to Ares to defeat a barbarian horde, however Ares tricked Kratos into killing his wife and daughter as well as burning the temple dedicated to Athenes to the ground. This would resulted into breaking his oath, he sought repentance for his sins. Despite succeeded after ten years of servitude with his final task to slay and kill Ares, he still find that he still bears the sin and eventually lead war against the Olympus itself when his father, Zeus, makes an attempt on his life. 

Powers & Abilities

  • Poseidon's Rage: This is a magic spell given to Kratos by Poseidon. It allows him to unleash radiating lighting upon multiple foes. However, he lost the ability to use it after his godly powers were taken away.
  • Zeus' Fury: A power given to Kratos by Zeus. It allows Kratos to summon lightning bolts to throw them at distant enemies.
  • Army of Hades: This power is given to Kratos by Hades. With it, Kratos can summon the souls of the Underworld to attack any nearby foes.
  • Rage of the Gods/Rage of the Titans/Rage of Sparta: A temporary upgrade to his strength and defense that Kratos can access after fighting for a while.
  • Cronos' Rage: An attack that uses electricity to strike multiple targets via orbs of lightning.
  • Army of Sparta: Kratos is able to summon his exiled Spartan brothers to form a protective phalanx around him.
  • Soul Summon: Kratos summons the spirits of past creatures he's fought to attack his enemies.
  • Nemean Roar: Kratos slams the ground causing waves of magic to hurt his enemies.
  • Nemesis Rage: Kratos shocks surrounding enemies with a blast of electric energy.
  • Boreas' Icestorm: Acquired after defeating Skorpius. A gem that contains the icy breath of the North Wind, which Kratos uses to active the Labyrinth and its mechanics.
  • Thera's Bane: Thera's power can imbue Kratos' Blades with fire.
  • Fire of Ares: Unleashes Kratos' fury and stuns surrounding enemies with Ares' fire.
  • Ice of Poseidon: Summons the Ice of Poseidon to break blocks, breath underwater, and freeze enemies.
  • Lightning of Zeus: Electrify your enemies with the blinding quick attacks of Zeus.
  • Efreet: Kratos obtains the ability to use the fiery Djinn after defeating the Persian King during the siege of Attica. When used, it unleashes the fire spirit which attacks all surrounding enemies.
  • Light of Dawn: After obtaining Primordial Fire within the Caves of Olympus, Kratos is able to summon orbs of bright light and hurl them at his enemies.
  • Charon's Wrath: Kratos gained the ability to blast green, ravenous flames after defeating Charon, the boatman.
  • Atlas Quake: A wide area ground pounding attack in which Kratos summons strong earthquakes and rocky debris.


  • Blades of Exile: The Blades of Exile are dual blades that are attached to chains seared into the arms of Kratos, they were given to him by the ghost of Athena and Kratos uses them for both close range and long range combat.
  • Blade of Artemis: This is a large, curved, cumbersome blade given to Kratos by the goddess Artemis. It is quite slow, but also does more damage to enemies than the Blades of Chaos.
  • Blade of the Gods: An extremely large weapon that Kratos used to battle Ares in the first game.
  • Medusa's Head: Acquired as spoils of his victory against the mythical beast. It can be used to turned enemies into stone for a brief period of time.
  • Head of Euryale: Just like Medusa's Head, it can turn enemies into stone, but this one is powerful enough to turn gorgons into stone, something that Medusa's Head can't do.
  • Barbarian Hammer: A slow but powerful close combat weapon originally wielded by the Barbarian King. With it, Kratos can deliver powerful slams and smashes, and also summon legions of souls.
  • Spear of Destiny: A weapon originally used by the Dark Rider. With it Kratos can perform deadly swipes and stabs, and can also fire dangerous piercing projectiles at enemies.
  • Blade of Olympus: A divine sword so powerful it was the blade that allowed Zeus to defeat the Titans. It can also harm and kill other Gods.
  • Typhon's Bane: A magical bow and arrow-like weapon that allows Kratos to fire rapid blasts of wind.
  • Poseidon's Trident: It allows him to dive, swim, and breathe underwater indefinitely without drowning.
  • Amulet of the Fates: A relic that allows Kratos to slow down time when close to a Fates Statue.
  • Golden Fleece: A golden armlet which Kratos can use to reflect directed shots back at their sender.
  • Icarus Wings: A pair of feathered wings that Kratos took from Icarus. With them, he can glide short distances after jumping.
  • Claws of Hades: Acquired after killing Hades. They serve to raise the souls of underworld to help Kratos.
  • Nemean Cestus: Two large, strong gauntlets in the form of a lion's head. They used to be wielded by Hercules.
  • Nemesis Whip: A pair of blades consisting each of three swords, crafted from the Omphalos stone that Kratos retrieved from Tartarus for Hephaestus. They carry an electric charge and can power mechanical devices to some degree. They appear to harbour Hephaestus' own power, and are ironically used to kill their creator.
  • Bow of Apollo: A bow that once belonged to the god Apollo.
  • Head of Helios: The head of the God of the Sun. Kratos uses it to blind his enemies, light up dark areas, and to reveal hidden secrets.
  • Boots of Hermes: The Boots of the Messenger of the Gods. Kratos uses them to attack his enemies at high speed and to reach areas he otherwise could not.
  • Hades' Soul: Taken from the Lord of the Underworld by the Claws of Hades. This allows Kratos to swim through the River Styx without being harmed by the souls of the dead.
  • Arms of Sparta: A standard Spartan Spear and a shield.
  • Eye of Atlantis: A weapon that allows Kratos to harness the power of Atlantis and use it to electrocute his enemies.
  • Scourge of Erinys: Kratos acquires this artefact after having killed Erinys in the forests outside of Sparta, allowing him to unleash dark voids. These voids seek out enemies and draw them in like a vortex, damaging them and preventing smaller creatures from attacking altogether. In addition to harming Kratos' foes, this power can drain their life force and release it in the form of Green Orbs, healing Kratos of his injuries.This makes it very helpful when Kratos has low health in combat.
  • Horn of Boreas: The horn is capable of summoning an icy tempest by swinging it around, damaging and freezing all nearby enemies. This weapon can also destroy the shields and armor that various creatures utilise in addition to freezing them.
  • Amulet of Uroborus: The amulet was stolen by Castor and Pollux from the Oracle of Delphi and contains the power to warp time around the object or enemy it hits.  He uses it on several occasions in the game, able to heal or decay. 
  • Oath Stone of Orkos: This stone is given to Kratos by Orkos and contains the power to create a shadow copy of Kratos.
  • Eyes of Truth: The Eyes of Truth is an item given from Oracle to overcome the dark magic of the Furies. Kratos obtains it during his journey and can use it dispel the magic barriers created by the Furies.
  • Gauntlet of Zeus: This Gauntlet of Zeus was a gigantic gauntlet forged by Hephaestus, and used by Zeus to chain the mighty Titans in the depths of Tartarus.
  • Sun Shield: The Sun Shield is an object of the Gods used to block attacks and return projectiles. Kratos obtained the Shield within the Temple of Helios.



  • Able to overpower monsters that are massively lager than he is.
  • Can easily rip a Greek solider with his bare hands.
  • Can stop and overpower a massive tentacle strong enough to throw ships hundreds of feet away.
  • Can pull and impale a sea monster the size of a skyscraper.
  • Lifted a large piece of stone with ease.
  • Overpowered Ares.
  • Overpowers Cronos' fingers.
  • Ripped a head of a cerebus and force it to open its mouth.
  • Prevented himself from getting crushed by holding the Colussus' foot and sends him flying.
  • Can swing huge pillars like baseball bats.
  • Prevents himself from being crushed by Cronos' hands by holding it.
  • Rips out Hades' soul.
  • Pulls a several ton monster and crash it into a wall.
  • Overpowered Atlas' fingers and escaped the grip of it.
  • Uses his barehands to prevent Leviathan's crab leg, which can penetrate Gaia.
  • Uses a lever to push up the entire labyrinth into Olmypus, with each cube larger than a house.


  • Can evade point-blank explosions.
  • Can dodge lightning strikes.
  • Can move fast enough to make falling rocks look near-stationary.
  • Dodged a sting from a Manticore and catches its tail.
  • Dodged two attempted bites from a Hydra.
  • Slashes Megaera before she could react.
  • Blitzed Zeus.


  • Was thrown into a wall and was fine later on.
  • Resisted getting his soul ripped from Ares.
  • Received no damage after a very long fall.
  • Survived a city-sized explosion caused by Ares.
  • Tanks Thera's volcanic eruption, which sanked Atlantis.
  • Barely fazed slammed around by Thanatos.
  • Survived being crushed by Colussus of Rhode's hand.
  • Tanks and shoved back a slap from Cronos.
  • Tanked a charged thunderbolt from Zeus, which can rip the skin of Gaia.
  • When stabbing the God King and Gaia's heart, caused the titan to crumble, he emerged unharmed yet exhausted.


  • Was trained by the Spartans to be a ruthless killing machine.
  • Able to outmatch even the god of war Ares himself.
  • Became the god of war after killing Ares.
  • Escaped the underworld in no less than four hours.
  • Killed Zeus.


  • Anger Issues: Kratos is known for his extreme rage, in which he has no control of. His anger issues would cloud his judgement. 

Fun Facts

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