Kranz Maduke
Series Black Cat (series)
Age 26
Sex Male
Height 1.9 m
Weight 102 kg
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Kranz Maduke is a minor character in the manga series Black Cat. He is often seen together with Baldorias Fanghini.


Kranz is a Chrono Number, one of the most skilled assassins of the Chronos organization. Kranz has been trained to be a warrior since birth. Years prior to the events of Black Cat, he lost his sight in a battle and have since developed a fighting style based around sensing sound and movement. At some point, he and Baldor got the mission to take out Train Heartnet for treason.

Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Hearing and Sense of Movement: Thanks to his blindness, so has his hearing and sense of movement improved to be far superior to that of the average human.
  • Unique Fighting-Style: He has developed an unique fighting-style to supplement his blindness.
  • Superhuman Speed


  • Mars: Kranz's weapon. A knife that with a press of the button can make the blade vibrate at an ultra-high speed, which drastically heightens its ability to cut through objects. Like the rest of the weapons owned by the Chronos Numbers, so it made of Orichalcum, the strongest metal in the universe of Black Cat.



  • According to Kranz, cutting a thick steel plate with Mars is like cutting paper with a razor blade.
  • Made a path through a wall by cutting it to pieces. (Chapter 101)


  • Could cut bullets fired at him in halves. (Chapter 100)
  • Blocked a surprise attack from Eve. (Chapter 101)
  • Dodge a barrage of Eve's Feather Blades. (Chapter 101)


  • Could be thrown several meters and crash through a window without seemingly any damage. (Chapter 101)


  • Defeated a group of at least eight Apostle of the Stars grunts together with Baldor. (Chapter 166)
  • He and Baldor defeated a Kiseitai, murder machines created by Apostles of the Stars. (Chapter 180)


  • Blindness: While he has mitigated this weakness quite a bit, fact still is that he lacks the ability to see.
  • Mars' vibrations can be stopped if it is presented to extremely cold temperatures.

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