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Kingdom Hearts is a series of video games and other media produced by Disney and Square Enix. It consists of a massive crossover between Disney and Square Enix's IPs, while also adding a new set of original characters and an infamously convoluted storyline.

Series DictionaryEdit

  • Heartless A creature of darkness that is born when someone gives in to the darkness in their heart. They come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Nobody: A creature that is created when a strong person becomes a heartless. They are completely void of feelings. They are lead by the Organization XIII.
  • Organization XIII: A group of extremely powerful nobodies who wear black robes. They wish to reclaim their hearts to become whole again.
  • Unversed:
  • Kingdom Hearts:
  • Dream Eater:

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Original Characters Edit

Disney Characters Edit

Other Square Enix Characters Edit


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