King Dedede
King Dedede for SSB4
Series Kirby (series)
Age Unknown (200+ years)
Sex Male
Height Unknown (Taller than 8")
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
King Dedede is a main character and recurring antagonist from the Kirby series.


Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: Despite being what can only be described as a fat penguin, Dedede can fly by inhaling mass amounts of air and floating, in a similar manner to Kirby.
  • Super Strength:
  • Inhale: Similar to Kirby's inhale, but he can't copy abilities. He can only spit out opponents as stars.
  • Super Dedede Jump: He can make massive leaps in a single bound, and the force of landing on someone can bury them into the ground.


  • Hammer: His hammer is notorious for being massive, hard-hitting, and it has complex mechanical workings on the inside. One swing is said to level a building, and not only can Dedede swing it around with incredible ease, he can charge up the mechanical workings to deliver a powerful blow, more than capable of severely incapacitating someone.

Alternate Forms

  • Masked Dedede: When he wants to get really serious, he puts on his metal mask, and swaps out his regualr hammer for a massive, metal, mechanical, monstrous mallet capable of spewing fire and missiles. In this form, he has many additional attacks, and a large increase in speed, strength, and durability.



  • Is able to pick up and swing his hammer with incredible ease.


  • Can keep up with Kirby on foot.


  • Survived a planet-sized explosions without a scratch.


  • Goes toe-to-toe with Kirby on a regular basis.
  • Defeated Magolor while he (Magolor) was wearing the Master Crown, giving him "limitless power".


  • Several of his attacks leave him open, such as Super Dedede Jump and his hammer.
  • While he isn't dumb by any means, he's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, either.

Fun Facts

  • While it's unknown what species he is, many have speculated him to be either a penguin, a duck, or several other types of birds.