Series Fist of the North Star
Age 34
Sex Male
Height 6'1" ft
Weight 220 lbs
Alignment Chaotic Good
The pain on these wounds will last only a second. The pain of your death would last a lifetime.
~ Kenshiro

Kenshiro is the main protagonist of the anime/manga series Fist of the North Star.

Background Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Incredible Strength: Kenshiro has displayed great feats of strength as he can easily destroy boulders to nothing with just a mere flick of his wrist and easily bend steel with just his bare hands. 
  • Incredible Healing Factor: Kenshiro possesses healing factor as he can resist toxins and poisons, and gas that can paralyse people. 
  • Superhuman Senses: Kenshiro has superhuman senses that surpasses that of a human. His eyesight can keep up with the arrow's speed, detect and resist many forms of poisons & toxins, has hearing and smell comparable that of a hound, can detect the presence of beings during training, is immune to mass hypnosis, and able to fight blind by detecting the person's heart.
  • Adaptability: Kenshiro's greatest aspect. He can analysis the abilities and powers of others by just watching and able to adapt it. He can also exploit the foes' weaknesses to his advatange.
  • Master Martial Artisit: Kenshiro is a master of martial arts. He can fight many legions of trained armoured warriors, barbarians, and even giants with just hus barehands with ease. Kenshiro has learned many fighting styles such as boxing style fight and many more.
    • Gento Ko Ken:
    • Rakan Nio Ken:

Equipment Edit

  • Nunchuks:

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

Speed Edit

Durability Edit

Skill Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Fun Facts Edit

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