Series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (series)
Age 18
Sex Male
Height 184 cm
Weight 74 kg
Alignment Chaotic Good
Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's how Team Gurren rolls!
~ Kamina
Kamina is a main character in the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


Kamina lives in a world where humans are forced to live underground by human-animal hybrids known as Beastmen, with any humans who reach the surface being killed by the Gunmen, giant mecha piloted by Beastmen. As a boy, Kamina saw the surface when his father managed to reach it, leaving Kamina behind. After growing up some, Kamina met Simon, a young orphan who worked as a digger, digging tunnels to expand the underground village. To help Simon come out his shell and stop acting shy, Kamina took the boy under his wing and asked him if he'd help in his attempts to escape to the surface. Simon accepted, and during one of their escape attempts, a giant robot and a girl with a sniper rifle crashed through the Earth's crust and landed in their village. Using a face-shaped Gunman Simon found while digging, Kamina, Simon, and the girl, named Yoko, managed to kill the Gunman and get to the surface. As thanks for helping her, Yoko took the two to her village and explained that they're working as rebels to stop the Beastmen and free humanity. After hijacking a Gunman of his own, Kamina ended up inspiring many people across the world to do the same, eventually forming the legendary Team Dai-Gurren to stop the Beastmen and their ruler, the Spiral King Lordgenome.

Powers & Abilities

  • Spiral Power: Spiral Power is an energy source that allows humans and other animals to evolve. Like Simon, Kamina can harness Spiral Power for his own uses. However, his use of it isn't as refined or powerful as Simon's. His only known uses of Spiral Power have been using it to heal Gurren Lagann's damaged leg, and using the Giga Drill Break for the first time.
  • Quick Learner: Kamina is a surprisingly fast learner. He was able to fight on par with Viral, a trained swordsman, using a sword he got only a couple days prior, and while training with firearms, his accuracy impressed Yoko, a trained sniper.
  • Good Tactician: Despite his hot-blooded attitude, Kamina is a skilled tactician, easily spotting enemy weak points and switching fighting styles on the fly.


  • Nodachi: A long katana sword that Kamina stole from the chief of Jeeha village before he escaped. It's sharp enough to slice a long swath of grass without touching it.
  • Gun: A standard firearm given to Kamina by Yoko, which he often uses as a blunt weapon, though he's a pretty good shot with it.
  • Gurren: Kamina's Gunman, which he hijacked during a fight with some Beastmen and modified. Gurren is mostly a hand-to-hand combat machine, with its impressive strength and durability allowing it to take on multiple Gunmen at once and win. The sunglasses on its chest can also be used as either a sword or a boomerang if needed.

Alternate Forms

  • Gurren Lagann: The combination of Gurren and Lagann, Simon's Gunman. See Gurren Lagann page for more info.



  • Punched Simon so hard he flipped over in his seat.
  • Clashed with Viral.
  • Cut apart a large swath of grass without touching it.
  • Gurren can overpower multiple Gunmen at once.
  • Gurren threw Lagann hard enough to form a dust cloud.


  • Dodged arrows from Viral.
  • Gurren can keep up with many Gunmen at once.


  • Took blows from Viral, who can punch someone through a wall.
  • After being stabbed through the chest twice, survived long enough to kill the guy who did it before dying.
  • Gurren can take blows from much stronger Gunmen and keep fighting.
  • Did even flinch when he got hit by a sheathed sword.


  • Matched Viral in a swordfight.
  • His accuracy with a gun impressed Yoko.
  • Is on par with Viral in piloting his Gunman.
  • Took out a small group of Gunmen directly after hijacking Gurren.
  • Stood up to a giant Gunman with nothing but a sword, and would've beaten it if he actually fought it.
  • Inspired an army of fighters to rise up against the Spiral King.
  • Came up with the plan to hijack the Dai-Gunzar.


  • Hot-headed and brash.
  • Can't control his Spiral Power very well.
  • A tad arrogant.
  • Gurren lacks options in combat, relying on its sheer strength and Kamina's piloting skills.

Fun Facts

  • Kamina is the most popular character in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, even after his death.

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