The Mishima bloodline ends here.
~ Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama

Kazama Jin

Devil Jin

Series Tekken
Age 21
Sex Male
Height 1.80 m (5′ 11″)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Jin Kazama is one of the main characters in the Tekken series. He made his debut in the third installment of the series.


Jin Kazama is the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. He was born in an unknown location in the forest. His mother had picked that location to stay hidden from the Devil whom was after Jin when his previous host's body (Kazuya Mishima) was dropped into a volcano. While this location in the forest seemed to be safe from the Devil, a mysterious being known as Ogre was still able to find them. Ogre is a monstrous creature who steals the ki of other fighters to become stronger. He was released by Heihachi Mishima in order to use Jin's DNA to create a new powerful lifeform. At the age of 15, Jin and his mother were attacked by Ogre, and Jin was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, his home was destroyed and his mother was nowhere in sight. He left his home in search for his grandfather Heihachi, seeking training from the powerful fighter so he could defeat Ogre and avenge his mother’s supposed death. During his travel towards Heihachi, Jin was attacked by the Devil and became cursed with the Devil Gene that once belonged to his mother. While it may have aided him in gaining the strength to defeat Ogre, he still seeks to rid himself of this evil curse. While he is able to suppress it, he still wishes to save anyone else on the planet from being cursed like himself.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Martial Arts Expert: Jin knows 3 styles of Martial Arts. Kazama Style Karate, Mishima Style Karate, and Traditional Karate. While he unlearned the Mishima Style out of hatred for his bloodline, he returns to using this style when transforming into Devil Jin.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Jin’s ki takes a lightning-like appearance. The aura surrounds his body when dishing out powerful blows. His appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken takes this even further as he’s able to make orbs of lightning appear out of thin air to stun the opponent temporarily.
  • Fire Manipulation: In some occasions, he can cover his legs with fire to enhance his attack power.
  • Devil Gene: Due to the curse that was laid upon him, Jin is now capable of using demonic powers. Even without transforming into Devil Jin, he's capable of shooting laser beams.
  • Healing Factor: Jin has often been seen regenerating from wounds that would normally kill a human, such as getting shot in the brain.
  • Force Field Projection: Jin is capable of producing a force field to protect himself from damage. They are capable of blocking attacks from powerful beings, such as Azazel.
  • Mind Control Resistance:  The pure Kazama blood from his mother’s side is what helps Jin suppress the influence of the Devil Gene from invading his soul and mind in the first place. When Kazuya tries to steal the Gene from Jin’s soul, it fails and Kazuya is attacked instead.

Alternate FormsEdit

Devil JinEdit

Jin is capable of tapping into the Devil Gene to acquire an extreme boost in power, and many new abilities.

  • Flight: In his Devil Form, he grows large black wings, which he can use to fly at hypersonic speeds.
  • Lasers: Even though he can also shoot lasers in his base form, Devil Jin's lasers are much more powerful and quick.
  • Teleportation: Devil Jin is capable of teleporting short distances to perform better combos.
  • Telekinesis: Devil Jin is able to lift opponents and suffocate them using nothing but his mind. He's also able to cause machines to malfunction and explode.
  • Energy Absorption: As Devil Jin, he's capable of stealing energy from those that he has defeated.
  • Soul Detection: Devil Jin is capable of locating targets thanks to their souls.



  • Defeated Jinpachi Mishima and absorbed his energy.
  • Defeated Azazel in one shot without accessing the Devil Form.
  • In a single slice with his laser, Jin cut Spirit Kyoto in half. Spirit Kyoto was so large that it towered over mountains.
  • Capable of fighting evenly with Kazuya, who one-shot multiple JACK robots, which are capable of surviving country-busting explosions.
  • Can easily defeat multiple Heihachi clones.
  • Overpowered Ogre in his true form.
  • Casually destroyed Hwoarang's motorcycle.
  • After absorbing Jinpachi's energy, obliterated an entire wasteland just by spreading his wings.


  • In his Devil Form, he's capable of flying fast enough to exit the atmosphere.
  • In Devil Form, can move at high speeds in space.
  • His laser attacks are pretty much undodgeable.


  • Survived being shot down by a submachine gun.
  • Survived getting shot in the head by Heihachi.
  • Survived temple collapsing on top of him.
  • His Force Fields can block attacks from Azazel.
  • His mother's blood is able to protect him from soul-damaging attacks.
  • Survived a fall from the Earth's orbit.


  • Successfully led a war, even when many of his soldiers were turning against him.
  • Fought in several iterations of the Iron Fist Tournament.
  • Has fought a wide variety of foes, including ninja, monsters, bears, and aliens.


  • Vulnerable to holy beings and their attacks.
  • Can be mentally manipulated by mentioning his mother.
  • He can't detect the souls of Robots. Probably because they don't have souls.

Fun FactsEdit

  • His name roughly translates to "benevolence when the wind is blowing".

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