Jaune Arc
Jaune Arc
Series RWBY
Age 17
Sex Male
Height 6'1"
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
The name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it.
~ Jaune Arc
Jaune Arc is a character from the RWBY web series.

History Edit

Wanting to be a hero like most members of his family, Jaune Arc used fake transcripts to get into Beacon Academy, as he had never went to a combat school before-hand. At Beacon Jaune became the leader of Team JNPR, and soon got actual training by Pyrrha Nikos.

Abilities Edit

  • Aura: Aura is the manifestation of one's soul and can be used for wide range of abilities. The specific abilities and their strengths differ from individual to individual and are dependent on a number of factors, such as experience, training and innate skill. Jaune's aura can heal minor injuries and increase the strength of his attacks.

Equipment Edit

  • Crocea Mors: A combination between a sword, sheath and shield. The sword is a normal sword. While the sheath transforms into the shield, which can block heavy hits.
    • Broadsword Form: By folding the shield over the sword's blade, Jaune can form it into a large broadsword. This form of Crocea Mors is much stronger and sharper than the normal sword, but it leaves Jaune without a shield.

Feats Edit


  • Held up an Ursa Major's arm with his shield, with some help from Pyrrha.
  • Decapitated an Ursa Major.


  • Survived being struck by an Ursa Major
  • Smashed against a wall by Pyrrha, and his only reaction was confusion


  • Defeated an Ursa Major.
  • Defeated Team BRNZ with the help of his team.
  • Trained by Star student, Pyrrha Nikos.
  • Helped kill the Nuckelavee Grimm.


  • Due to Jaune's Aura only having been recently awakened, he doesn't know how to activate his Semblance.
  • If his Aura takes too much damage, it will break, leaving Jaune susceptible to harm.
  • Lacks experience compared to his teammates, though he has improved over the course of the series.
  • A bit clumsy.

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